DÉLÉTÈRE set release date for new SEPULCHRAL album

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On November 23rd worldwide, Sepulchral Productions will unveil Quebec City black metal band Délétère‘s eagerly awaited third album, “Songe d’une Nuit Souillée.”

The heralds of pestilence return with arguably their most intense and haunting creation to date. “Songe d’une Nuit Souillée” showcases Délétère delving into an abyss filled with corruption, sacrilege, and transgression. With the help of pounding drums, heavy guitar riffs, chilling choral backing, and Thorleif’s potent vocals, the band has enhanced its musical style, delivering a thick and aggressive strain of black metal.

Check out first track, Foutredieu, below:

Preorder info can be found HERE.

Tracklisting for Délétère’s Songe d’une Nuit Souillée
1. Chasse Obscène
2. Sacre de la Perversion
3. Foutredieu
4. Messe Scandaleuse
5. Sonata Impudicitiae
6. Lex Syphilii
7. Le Labour des Chairs
8. La Nuit Souillée

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