Brakence + Gabby Start @ Le Studio TD

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There’s no better way to spend Halloween than at a Brakence concert.

The Hypochondriac (is still on) Tour opened with Gabby Start, dressed in a furry costume. The opener had lots of energy and got the crowd excited for Brakence through his music, which was of the same hyperpop/electronic genre as the headliner. Although his music isn’t as well known, Gabby’s songs are catchy and easy to follow along to, which was perfect for first-time listeners in the crowd.

After a good first set, while waiting for the main performance, the crowd spent their time singing along to classics such as Fireflies by Owl City. This crowd was undoubtedly one of the best I’ve seen in a while. Throughout the whole show, they were filled with so much energy, not to mention their quality costumes. Almost half the crowd was dressed up, with costumes ranging from fairies to Naruto. I got the chance to talk to a few of the people who had dressed up, nearly all of them telling me they wouldn’t miss an opportunity to dress up AND go to a concert.

Brakence stepped on stage in a Mario costume, with his guitarist in a Luigi costume. He had an amazing set, and the crowd applauded after almost every song. A main reason why his set was so impressive was his control between his vocal tone and performance energy. His music features him hitting some pretty wild notes, so to see him hit them live while also keeping up the crowd’s energy was super cool. I moved around the concert, going from the pit, where all the action was, to the balcony, which provided a great view of the stage and the crowd. Both had their own benefits, but I preferred being on the balcony and having the chance to really enjoy the amazing performance while sitting down.

The show’s lighting was also great, switching from quick flashes of light with more energy during the tracks to more soft and beautiful lighting for tracks like deepfake. The soft lighting also helped make what was to me the most memorable moment: in the second half of the show, Brakence sat on a stool and brought out a guitar to perform his song introvert. The crowd all sang along, and the atmosphere was really surreal.

Overall, this show was one of the best I’ve been to in a while, primarily because of the crowd’s energy as well as Brakence’s amazing performance skills. 

Review & photos – Nicolas Cantin

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