Jesse Rutherford + Hearts<3 + Goody Grace @ Fairmount Theatre - April 30th 2019

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Something Montreal takes pride in is being able to easily connect with an artist performing live. And it’s a done deal that Montreal gets along amazingly with Jesse Rutherford.


To start the night off on a hyped up foot, Hearts<3 brought excitement to his short set. Right before starting us off with a few hyped up jams, everyone burst into singing “happy birthday” to him, as he was celebrating turning 21 that night. He seemed touched and showed his gratitude with an excellent performance. He jumped around, danced in the crowd, and encouraged them to do the same. Hearts had even pulled out an acoustic guitar and played a cover of “Hey There Delilah”, which Montreal wholeheartedly (and loudly) sang along to.


Continuing things on a softer, more emo note, Goody Grace took the stage shortly after Hearts. He was a little more known by the crowd, as several people were singing along to his lyrics.

Accompanied by cool blue lighting, Goody Grace brought Montreal through his set with his soft voice and charming stage presence. The crowd connected with him nicely, but tension soon grew thicker once he left the stage. This tension was in anticipation for Jesse Rutherford.


Finally, after being stirred up by two precious openers, the Montreal crowd blew Fairmont up in screams as the lights went off, and Jesse’s DJ brought himself upon the stage. He introduced Jesse, throwing a few sound effects into the air as he jogged onto stage. Instant hype between performer and audience.

Everyone jumped and danced as Jesse Rutherford played songs like “Girls & Boys”, “Junkie”, and “Blame.” Jesse did it all. From dramatically dancing around, bouncing balloons back and forth with the crowd, and even stripping off his shirt. The mix and mash of different genres that this man had to offer to Montreal was outstanding and kept the mood up all night.

Although the concert was one big rock and roll party, Jesse dimmed the mood down for a few minutes and busted out an acoustic guitar. He played a few tracks such as “Born to be Blond” and “Puppy Love.” He had the audience in a trance. Swaying back and forth, holding each other as everyone paid close attention to the performance. He took a lot of time to interact with the crowd, cracking jokes and claiming to be nervous when he kept missing his cue.

Although Jesse had changed the mood to a softer one, it didn’t stop Montreal from switching gear once again. Tracks like “Barbie & Ken”, “My Ways” and “Rock & Roll DJ” brought us back to life. Everyone was dancing so much that if you stood still, you could feel the floor wave around below your feet. I wondered what we must sound like the grocery store located below.

After expressing his love and appreciation for Montreal, Jesse Rutherford and his DJ left the stage, leaving everyone on a buzz of excitement and whatever they had smoked during the show.

Not only is Jesse Rutherford part of a successful band, but he has also built up his own solo career as well. His solo albums “&” and “Garageb&” sound and feel completely different than what he’s produced with The Neighbourhood. He’s a perfect fit for Montreal’s diversity.

Review – Jamie Siddall

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