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Having a career spanning over 20 years, there are incredibly few metal bands who remain successful at still being undisputedly relevant to the heavy music community. Releasing what is arguably their most unapologetically bold album yet, Lamb of God refuse to be a band that will be anything less than dominant in their field.

While some may have winced at the thought of releasing a self-titled album supposedly encompassing the definition of the band so long after their most favoured pieces of work, ‘Lamb of God’ is a very accurate depiction of this band’s journey. Often the later a band are in their career, the more fans crave for a release that was ‘like the album before’. This release offers influences from every Lamb of God project both old and new, making it the perfect statement piece.

It comes as a comforting surprise that Lamb of God have delivered tracks such as ‘Epic’ featuring Jamie Jasta of Hatebreed and ‘Resurrection Man’ which satisfy earlier fans of the band who crave the hardcore influences ‘Ashes of the Wake’ and ‘New American Gospel’ have previously shined a light on. This album has shied away from making the self-title purely about what Lamb of God has been most celebrated for and more what is an honest sound. For the second album in a row, Randy Blythe reveals his clean vocals in ‘Memento Mori’ feeling much more natural than in ‘Sturm und Drang’.

Not only is the self-title a homage to all Lamb of God have delivered over the years, it also adds yet another layer to their musical depth with a new approach to Mark Morton’s soloing during ‘Routes’ featuring Chuck Billy of Testament. Of course fans have also anticipated the debut of Art Cruz’s presence on this album. Cruz has meticulously offered his own voice without compromising the unmistakable characteristics of Lamb of God’s rhythmic section. Although previously nostalgia for the original lineup did hinder expectations for this album, Art Cruz has proved himself as an incredible asset for this band.

There is something for every Lamb of God fan in this album. A self-titled album is a brave concept for any band to work with however, the integrity to their roots, their growth and their current position as a musical outfit has secured them another powerful release.

Debbie Gough

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