Wolves At Midnight + Steezy Knicks + Pet Talk + WMB @ Casa Del Popolo

Wolves At Midnight

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Review of Wolves At Midnight + Steezy Knicks + Pet Talk + WMB @ Casa Del Popolo on Sept. 13, 2019

Wolves At Midnight can craft a catchy song any day of the week.  A full album titled Constallations awaits us on October 22nd, 2019. Tonight, we were able to hear some of the new songs.

NOTE:  Another new song “24” was released on September 25th

One more single will drop on October 1st, 2019 before the album.

Tonight’s show would be a gathering of friends in a relaxed, no pressure atmosphere.  

Pet Talk

Pet Talk Band
Pet Talk Band

The evening, for me started with Pet Talk, a Montreal Alternative/Indie band.  If you have problems finding them online, it’s because they share a name with a National Geographic TV Show of the same name.  Here is their Facebook link https://www.facebook.com/PetTalkBand/.

Michael Abraham was wearing some new merch from Dilly Dally, so I just had to complement him on his musical taste.  In return, he shared some awesome stickers.

Even if the sound for the whole night seemed to be off, I warmed up to their performance.  They played some catchy tunes towards the end their set and had had entertaining banter between songs.

They had a great energy and vibe to get the party started.

Looking forward to seeing these guys evolve in the Montreal scene.  

They will open for The Royal Foundry on October 27th, 2019 at La Vitrola.  Make sure to go and ask for your sticker!

Steezy Knicks

Steezy Knicks

Steezy Knicks is a self-described as an artistic collective who explore many genres and styles of music, the duo of Brandon Medieros and Stefano Zita.

I quite enjoyed their sound, which was a more indie pop style.  Their YouTube single Human gives you a good idea of what you missed.

These boys seemed to have a good time and despite the strange sound in the room, put on a great performance.  I look forward to seeing them play again, which I’m sure will be a larger audience.

Wolves At Midnight

Wolves At Midnight
Wolves At Midnight

Marc-André Morin & Marie-Pier Dagenais-Roberge have 2 new wolves in their pack.  They were performing with the new guitarist (Samuel) and drummer (Grayson) for the band.

This was the rehearsal for the tour to promote the new album.  I’m always anxious to hear the new material to see if they can top their last catchy tune, and they do.  

Wolves At Midnight
Wolves At Midnight

Tonight, would be a showcase of some of the older familiar songs and our ears were graced with some of the new songs to be released.

The Wolves always play full on, with their passion on their sleeves.  There could be 10 people in the room, or 10,000 (maybe one day) and they would perform the same.

Again, the sound was not spectacular on this particular night, but we all had a great time and I can’t wait to see them perform again after the album is launched.   

You can catch them at Le Ministère on October 26th, 2019.

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