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Les Shirley - Turbo Haus

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Review of Les Shirley + Guidestones @ Turbo Haus Sept. 14, 2019

If “Bang for you buck” is about getting value for your money, than tonight’s show would be described by Leeloo as “Big bada Boom!.”

But first…let me make a confession.  I was supposed to see Les Shirley play on May 4th, 2019 for their EP Release party…but I had a good reason.  A mob boss in Laval was shot at the same location as an event I was attending for business.  I was going to sneak out early to catch the show, but we were not permitted to leave the venue, as it was a crime scene.  So, in my defense, I think that’s a pretty good reason to miss a show.



As soon as the first note hit my ears, I knew something good was going to happen.  Here was a band that showed a maturity in musicianship and showmanship that is rare for an opening band.  

If I would have left after their set, I would return home with a smile thinking I just had a magical night of amazing music.  

Gabriella La Rue (Vocals/Guitar), sporting her signature hat belted out tunes like she was born to be behind the microphone.  Ryan Boudreau (Vocals/Guitar) complemented his partner in crime with an equally impressive voice and talent.  Rounding out the foundation of every song was Zander Boudreau on drums and Dizzy Veillet on Bass.


The stage size did not warrant such a great band, yet here I was, soaking it all in.  

It was indie Rock, with a hint of country that just worked.

My second confession is that this interview was supposed to be out about two weeks ago.  Life and work got the better of me.  But today, September 29th, I was invited to an open house for Slam Disques on their rooftop terrace.  Who do I see taking the stage for a quick acoustic set, but Guidestones.  

Guidestones Accoustic
Guidestones Accoustic

They killed it once again.  

I spoke to them after their performance and we will soon have an album from the band.  I can’t wait.

Les Shirley

Les Shirley - Turbo Haus
Les Shirley – Turbo Haus

This was my first time seeing Les Shirley, and they impressed me.  If Turbo Haus has upstairs neighbors, Les Shirley should apologize from blowing out the roof on this one.

I have this clear memory of listening to Korben Dallas over and over again, while waiting for a bus (something I rarely do).  It was the teaser track and I couldn’t get enough. 

Les Shirley - Turbo Haus
Les Shirley – Turbo Haus

They have some sort of superpower for creating songs you just want to sing along with.  

There is also something about Raphaelle’s hint of a French accent that is irresistible.  Full disclosure…when I say an English word with a TH, you can also catch my French heritage sneak out.    

Les Shirley also played the Slam Disques open house for a small 3 song acoustic set.  66% of the band was on hand to play what will surely (or should I say Shirley) be hits. 

“Korben Dallas” is about as catchy as any indie-punk song and they delivered the goods.  It not only shows their geeky side (see interview), but shows they can craft a hooky song!

“She’s Got Nothing On” and my new favorite “Stuck in the Middle” where also highlights.

The thing about this band is that they are accomplished multi-instrumentalists.  This would be proven at the end of the evening, as we were told a surprise awaited us.

I’m sure Les Shirley converted a few more Shirleys that night.  I have already identified myself as a Shirley early on.

Les GuideShirleyStones

In a brilliant move, both bands returned to the stage to form some sort of indie fusion super-band playing Covers of past songs that left a mark on them.

This should happen at EVERY single gig!  When you see two amazing bands, you don’t want the night to end.  What can they do?  All get up on stage and form a Karaoke Cover Band as an ultimate encore.  

Instruments were exchanged as the songs rolled on, proving once again that both these bands have incredible talent and dexterity with many instruments.

It was a “big bada boom” amount of fun.

When they next play, come and sign up to be a Shirley.  Membership is free…you don’t really have to do anything; it will just happen naturally.  Before you know it…you too will join this elite club of besties.

Review & Lousy Photos: Randal Wark is a Professional Speaker and MasterMind Facilitator with a passion for live music.  You can follow him on InstagramTwitter and YouTube. His new Podcast RockStar Today helps musicians quit their days jobs is coming soon.

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