Tove Lo + Slayyyter @ MTelus

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Tove Lo at Mtelus

Electropop extraordinaire Tove Lo has dominated charts with hit after hit for nearly a decade. 

Following the release of “Habits” in 2014, Tove Lo has become some of the most praised female musicians in history. She continues to change the face of music with every release, and her latest album, “Dirt Femme,” has only proved me right.


Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Tove Lo turned a cold Monday night in Montréal into the party of the week. Joined by rising pop star Slayyyter, tickets were sold out almost instantly. Like many other stops along her February tour, scalpers were selling tickets for hundreds of dollars, and fans were still happily buying them. It seems Montréal has a soft spot for Tove Lo, as she was just here in the summer for Osheaga, which acquired a full house as well.

As I entered another packed house at MTelus, I felt as if I was immediately sucked into a tidal wave of sparkles and glitter. Disco lights shone around me, filling every corner of the dimly lit venue.

Looking around, the audience consisted of people of all ages and genders. Some were children and came with their parents. While others who were older, rushed from work and school to be barricade warriors. I will never forget the amazing fan I was lucky enough to meet, who wore a bikini top filled with two disco balls, in accordance with Tove Lo’s hit song “Disco Tits.” Everyone was very respectful of each other, and I never once felt scared to make new friends as a solo attendee. 


Finally, the lights soon dimmed and radiant Tove Lo lit up the venue almost instantly. She bounced on stage, grinning from ear to ear in admiration of her audience. She wore a stunning corset in the shape of a highly realistic breastplate, with metallic horizontal stripes. There were many outfit changes throughout her show, which left fans at the edge of their seats in anticipation of what she would wear next.

Tove Lo opened with “Pineapple Slice,” followed by “Attention Whore” and “Cool Girl.” “Cool Girl” ended up being one of my favourite songs of the night as I could not get it out of my head for the entirety of the next day. It appeared the feeling was mutual, as the crowd around me hollered the infectiously catchy chorus along with her.

“Talking Body” followed shortly after, as well as my lack of hearing. This song sent a shockwave of nostalgia through my body, reminding me of warm and sunny days when this song was played constantly on the radio. Tove Lo will always be one of the main faces of pop music to me.

As I watched Tove Lo dancing on stage, I began to notice she was barefoot. She effortlessly glided step by step, taking her audience on an emotional journey through her most intimate and personal feelings. At about halfway through her show, she opened up about her history with eating disorders. Her performance began to feel like one big hug to all those who were struggling alongside her, reminding that it truly does get better

As the end of my time with Tove Lo was soon approaching, “Habits” was finally performed. “This song changed my life,” Tove Lo announced as the famed intro was playing in the background. Hysteric cheers roared in response and filled the entirety of MTelus. I knew the feeling was mutual for fans, as “Habits” is still one of our generation’s most influential pop songs, garnering over half a billion listens.

Tove Lo continues to blow me away. The moment she exited the stage, I was missing her already, and thinking about when I could see her next. I loved her music before, and I love her even more now. 

Review – Rachel Lynn
Photos – Ryan Rumpel

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