Taken For Granted + Wolves At Midnight + Summerled + 7 Divide @ Piranha Bar

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Review of Piranha Bar March 26, 2022

It’s a Saturday night, bands are playing and who knows how long this will last…so let’s go out and see some live music!

7 Divide

I caught the tail end of 7 Divide with their Ska/Rock vibe. Best hair of the night!


Got a big vibe of Blink 182 meets Green Day with a very entertaining set by Summerled.

Catchy with a sprinkle of nostalgia, it was a fun set that made me happy I stepped out the door to see a gig.

Wolves At Midnight

The crowd started to multiply for Wolves at Midnight who returned as a 5 piece, with their original drummer.

Wolves At Midnight have a way of creating catchy songs that always seem to be the crowd pleasers, which is no exception tonight.

Taken For Granted

Ending the night were Taken For Granted who brought a nice rich sound to the space.

It’s great to see a quaddrumvirate (Hey ma…I learnt a new word) of Montreal Bands getting their sea legs as live music begins to be a thing again.

Lets’ support our local artists…you never know who will make it to the next level, and at least you will have fun along the way and help the local community of artists.

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Wolves at Midnight

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