New Music Friday March 24, 2022

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This week, we play treasure hunt. Find out which song has the following: Dolls with glass eyes, a whole different narrative about a vending machine, velcro shoes, carsickness, cowbell, Jesus, heart shaped glasses, a mask on a statue, gum under red shoes, table dance (not the one you think), eye tattoo, repetitive Spanish & Channel News @6.



There is something adorable about Talk by beabadoobee that will linger in your head. Long live 90s inspired jams.

Genre: Indie Rock

Talk is best listened to on a Tuesday when you need a second weekend.

Skye Wallace

The latest single by witty Skye Wallace is the sentence we all need played on repeat in our heads: Everything Is Fine. The mantra for our generation will give you strength.

Genre: Indie Rock

Everything Is Fine is best listened to when seeing the beauty of your inner lizard self.


Stars released Patterns, a song about friendship and some patterns you should never mess with.

Genre: Alternative Indie

Patterns is best listened to when a bout of interpretive dance comes upon you. Let yourself go!

Maya Malkin

Maya brings a little more rock to her catchy songs with Hypocrite.

Genre: Indie Pop

Hypocrite is best listened to when blocking all the haters.

The Franklin Electric

The Franklin Electric asks us to examine change and the unknown.

Genre: Alternative/Indie

Borderline is best listened to as you decipher your emotions in a journal.

Soccer Mommy

Allison of Soccer Mommy touches on letting yourself fall in love, like a drug without the side effects…except maybe a broken heart.

Genre: Indie Rock

Shotgun is best listened to when trying to decide if you have butterflies or a nervous angst.

Curtis Waters

Curtis Waters shares a song about being bipolar with an 80s intro.

Genre: Indie Pop

Manic Man is best listened to when we need to shift the balance from dark to light.

Lykke Li

Gentle No Hotel is delivered by Lykke Li with rainy day vibes.

Genre: Indie Pop

No Hotel is best listened to on those days you simply don’t want to get out of bed.

Leith Ross

Leith Ross redefines what a relationship should be.

Genre: Singer/Songwriter

We’ll Never Have Sex is best listened to fully clothed.


Should PUP the band go to space? Watch the video and you be the judge.

Genre: Punk

Totally Fine is best listened to when you are ready to leave this crazy planet for good, and explore somewhere new.


Feel good vibe by Weezer with The Garden of Eden.

Genre: Alternative/Indie

The Garden of Eden is best listened to when you wish you ran out of blue crayons to describe your mood.

Chance the Rapper

Chance the Rapper ads slam poetry to music with Child of God.

Genre: Hip-Hop

Child of God is best listened to when reframing how we see ourselves.

Tate McRae

So many pop songs sound like each other, but Tate McRae somehow stands out with a song that just works on a different level.

Genre: Pop

chaotic is best listened to when we think our life is in a burning nosedive.

Chris Lake

I don’t know why but this is just crazy enough to work.

Genre: EDM

400 is best listened to when you feel like dancing like a boneless chicken.

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