Stomp Records 26th Anniversary – Night 1 – 10 December 2021

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The Saint Catherines

Friday night I was lucky enough to be able to go to the big city for Stomp Record’s 26th-anniversary bash at Foufounes Electriques. As I walked in through the wrought iron gates I was greeted by Rob Zombie and the familiar smell of beer and liquor and sticky floors. After over a year I was so grateful to be reunited with this place, and I could tell others were just as happy.

Tonight’s lineup was packed, and the show didn’t start on punk time. On the main stage, the night kicked off right on schedule with Les Mains Sales, a French-Canadian rock group from Montreal. Their dark and heavy feel and poignant lyrics had me headbanging and mesmerized during their set. Though I am no stranger to Stomp’s bands, Les Mains Sales were my favourite discovery of the night, and their songs accompanied me on my drive home.

Next up was Danny Rebel and the KGB, a staple in the Stomp Records family. Their music warmed up the crowd, many masks being slipped down as people skanked to the beat and I couldn’t help but also join in.

Wine Lips serenaded us with psychedelic riffs and upbeat songs. Their mutton chops and 70’s porno stashes matching with their wide jeans and their instruments strapped on chest high.

Beatdown was the one on tonight’s lineup I was most excited for. I’ve only ever seen them play during Pouzza Fest (almost every year since Pouzza 5). They played through many of their classic songs, and I couldn’t help but join in on the skanking action and singing along with their other fans.

Up next was another Pouzza Fest staple, Brutal Youth. If you’ve ever been to one of their shows, you know that you’re in for a ride and this time was no different. The singer showed up on stage in paint-splattered short shorts, showing off his roundhouse kicks and incredible ability to work a crowd.

K-Man & the 45s is another band I was super looking forward to tonight (honestly, I never not look forward to any lineup when it involves Stomp Records). Their mellow ska beats immediately infected me with the need to join the crowd in skanking along, an urge I never hold back on.

We all piled into the main stage area as The Sainte Catherines closed out the night (don’t get your hopes up, this isn’t a comeback). The second the first note hit, the moshing began, ending the night on a high.

I was super stoked to be able to go to yet another Stomp Records anniversary bash.

Review & photos – Mell Martella

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