SPIRIT ADRIFT’s Nate Garrett talks new music and playing “the coolest show ever” at Turbo Haus in Montreal

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Nate Garrett is in good spirits (pun intended). The vocalist of metal band Spirit Adrift has been recording vocals for a new covers project and is chatting to Montreal Rocks shortly after channelling his inner Peter Steele.

“We’re working on some covers right now and I got a new microphone and a kind of a new setup and I’m just recording the vocals at home. Right now I was just doing a Type O Negative song. It’s Spirit Adrift just doing some cover songs. I can’t really talk too much about it, but they’ll be coming out next year for sure.”

There are so many genres falling under the Metal umbrella these days but Spirit Adrift is one band that is happy just to own the term Heavy Metal.

“I was going to tweet some snarky shit when our EP came out about like how we’re living in a world where you have to like qualify and excuse the fact that you’re playing heavy music, you have to put a qualifier in there, like trap metal or nu-metal revival or old school death metal revival, or there’s always some word and then a dash and then metal or like something-tinged metal or something-leaning metal like electronic-leaning, which that’s all cool. Like I love the Genghis Tron record that came out this year. And if that’s what people like, that’s cool. I get that. Especially in America right now, like metal’s just not drawing the numbers that this like kitschy schticky fucking weird, ironic shit is. So I get that, but I don’t care. I don’t fucking care. I don’t like any of that shit really. I’m making the music I want to make. And I like metal and we have different influences too. Like Neil Young gets in there and Tom Petty and you know, I was telling somebody recently even like Three 6 Mafia, I draw a lot of inspiration from their beats and rhythms and shit. I mean, there’s all kinds of stuff that goes into it, but when it comes out, it’s just metal and that’s okay. Metal is fucking awesome. I love it.

The EP Garrett referees to is their recent release, Forge Your Future. Written at the beginning of the pandemic, Forge Your Future features three new songs that showcase Spirit Adrift at their strongest.  Recorded at Homewrecker Recording Studio with Ryan Bram at the helm, the tracks were handed over to the legendary Zeuss to handle the E.P.’s mixing and mastering. 

Garrett comments, “These songs, and this band, represent persevering through difficult times, staying true to your innermost self, and celebrating the life-affirming power of metal. We can’t wait to see you all live and in the flesh, in the meantime we hope you enjoy the tunes.”

With the release of new music Garrett says he’s trying to stay positive about the band getting back on the road again soon, and he is especially looking forward to returning to Montreal.

“The coolest show Spirit Adrift ever played was in Montreal at Turbo Haus. Oh my God. I’ve never seen people react to our music like that. It was awesome. So we’ll be back to Montreal as soon as we came, believe me.”

Watch the full interview with Nate below:

Forge Your Future, track listing:

1. Forge Your Future

2. Wake Up

3. Invisible Enemy

Artist photo by: Valerie Littlejohn.

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