Single Review: Hockey Dad – Good Eye

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Do you ever want to feel like a young and carefree kid on a sweaty summer night filled with reckless abandonment? Sitting by a beach bonfire with sun-streaked skin, scraped knees and the smell of beer — those are some Hockey Dad vibes. 

The band name was born from a joke on an episode of The Simpsons – and that just goes to show their irresistible charisma. They have a unique surf-rock with a punk-twist sound that is ridiculously entertaining. 

The Australian garage rock duo have just released the fourth single from their upcoming album, “Brain Candy” which is scheduled to drop on July 31st. The single is called “Good Eye” and as the Aussies would say, it is a bloody ripper of a tune. After the release of “In This State,” “Itch,” and “I Missed Out,” this new single is another perfect track to be blasting all summer (safely and socially distanced, of course). 

With Zach Stephenson on vocals and guitar and Billy Fleming on the drums, the two have been goofing off since they were kids and this song is no different. “Good Eye” is energetic and messy and fun. When it comes to music-making, their chemistry is unmatched. As they grew up on the same neighbourhood street, their vibrant odes to being young and having fun is a true testament to the way they lead their lives. That is heard loud and clear through the production and lyrics of their songs. 

Inspired by surfing, skating, and ‘60s garage punk music, this song never slows down. Repeating guitar riffs and heavy drumming is a common theme in a Hockey Dad track. The high tempo and fast pace of “Good Eye” makes you want to run around, jump up and down and sing along at the top of your lungs all at the same time. Although their grunge sound can be compared to other Australian natives like Skegss, Dune Rats, or The Chats, this pair has proven to stay true to their individuality within the music industry. This single is a gritty rocker that expresses their desires to have a good time no matter what. 

The lyrics aren’t all that important, but the catchy chorus is an easy one to get stuck in your head.  After many verses of the groovy lyric “I got a good eye,” there is a cheeky one-liner “I got a great eye” hidden in the song. It makes you want to headbang right from the beginning note… and then 3 minutes and 54 seconds later, you’re still banging your head and wonder why your neck hurts. That’s a good song. 

With tour dates postponed, a pushed back album release and no word on an accompanying tour, the band has tied their fans over with these singles and they are not showing any signs of slowing down. Over the past couple of years, these two coastal kids have been one of the great successes of independent Australian music – and they are having fun while doing it. This single is another sunny and uplifting track, with little personal touches throughout. The Windang duo are hard not to love! 

Listen to Hockey Dad’s new single “Good Eye” out now. 

The band’s upcoming album Brain Candy is out everywhere on July 31, 2020, via BMG. 

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