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I am starting to believe that Gianni Bodo possesses a sort of unique ability to detect what his fans need and desire to hear. The singer/songwriter from Montréal has already demonstrated to be a talent to capture the feelings that surround him and to translate them into music and lyrics. Throughout this rough time, Bodo has already shown to be able to deliver music that warms and lifts up the spirits like his latest successful single Hurricanes and Butterflies (Flowers don’t Die) (reviewed by Montreal Rocks). Not satisfied with this, and disclosing what appears to be an interior crave for creation, Bodo is ready to drop his new fatigue, Si Je Pars, together with an intriguing music video this upcoming 12 February 2021

Si Je Pars marks Bodo’s “intrusion” into the ’80s pop-rock, reminiscing the musical footsteps of the big hit (I Just) Died in Your Arms Tonight by British band Cutting Crew; this track represents Bodo’s first single in French and it carries, like in Hurricanes and Butterflies, a profound urgency for lightness: the one that makes your soul take a deep breath, that lifts your spirit, that transfers you into another disposition. Gianni Bodo therefore plays again his best cards by becoming a mood creator, a sort of modern balladeer.  

After the first simple guitar arpeggio, the song turns into a ‘flashing’ vortex flying away with a catchy melody, and a chorus that sticks in your mind from the first time you “experience” it: yeah, experience because Bodo’s music is all about feeling it, breathing it. A story that moves between love, departures, lies, hope and resolution narrated by the intense vocals of Bodo’s voice; a hymn to that inner strength that resides in ourselves, the ability to survive a separation, the power of moving on and finding new beginnings. A track supported by the work and contribution of renowned professionals such as Fred Bouchard who produced it and also featuring Juno award-winning producer Pierre Marchand on keyboards, Danish jazz singer Kira Martini, Albe on the guitar and Franco Lombardo on the bass.

Si Je Pars (radio edit) will be released together with its music video (cinematic version) directed by Martin Gauthier (MRG Films) on the 12th of February. The short movie channels together a magical atmosphere with a gypsy touch visible in its styling (Espace Costumes) but also in the theme of the voyage which spreads across the entire film. The recurrence of tropes such as Gianni’s hat, a vintage bag or the railroad tracks work as transfers of the song’s main themes, thus covering the whole video in a sort of modern Lewis Carroll atmosphere. A second video shot at Casa D’Italia, a famous historical building located in Montréal, will be released on the 25th of February together with the song’s extended version. 

Si Je Pars will be available on the 12th of February on all the major platforms. To get more information about Gianni Bodo’s music and projects check his official website: 

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