Single Review: Gianni Bodo – Hurricanes And Butterflies

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Gianni Bodo (Photo – Kostas Zorbas)

“It was just another day, much like yesterday…”, these are the lyrics that open Gianni Bodo’s new single Hurricanes And Butterflies (Flowers Don’t Die), and it already feels as if we are projected into the preface of our current times. Out the 10th of April and available on most digital platforms, this piece positions itself as a sort of hymn, a quest of hope, while its notes trigger those kinds of feelings that pertain to these classic early 2000 pop/rock ballads … a musical sense of something already experienced, so peaceful somehow.

Montrealese singer-songwriter Gianni Bodo is not new in creating, with his music and lyrics, heightened atmospheres, as he has been working for almost two decades towards the intensified description of inner and outer worlds (as he did in his previous œuvre Fade to Rose). For this single, he joined forces and creativity with other great artists (who contributed remotely from their homes) such as Brigitte Pace as guest singer, the talented production of Fred Bouchard (Adam Cohen) who is also on the drums, Albe on the guitars and Pierre Marchand (Sarah McLachlan) on the piano with whom he will soon release an acoustic version. 

As Bodo’s intense, warm voice arises from the quiet space of the song’s intro (which quotes The Smiths How Soon Is Now?), we are captured into its lyrics; from an enchanting atmosphere to a captivating melody, the song moves its notes as it climbs in intensity. Shortly, a velvety female voice (Brigitte Pace) melts into this charming vibe generating a chorus that elevates in a crescendo, now reaching its heartfelt peak. Honestly, it is the perfect structure for a piece that places itself as a metaphor at a crossroad of hope and love, of realness and projection.

Photo – Angelo Neri

“… A personal song metaphorically anchored in the current times” as quoted from its press release and indeed, this parallelism serves the text’s arrangement that marries the idea of an uncertain broken love with that of an uncertain broken present … but the challenge is in its credo. And here it is, whereby we all can feel the hurricane coming, that love and hope intervene, thus ending the song with a hopeful message for the listeners. 

Currently working on his second album to be dropped this year, Gianni Bodo knows how to master his sound: a crossbreed of rock, pop and indie, without ever been predictable. 

Francesca Sacerdoti

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