Po Lazarus @ Turbo Haus – 30 November 2019

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Saturday the 30th of November was the second time I had the chance to witness a Po Lazarus performance and I have to say that once again I was impressed. The Montréal-based band definitely knows how to engage the audience and own the stage.

Founded in 2014 by Joshua Carey and Paul Mascarenhas, they already have under their belt one album released in 2016, Ways to End the Night, one EP, O Body, and they are currently recording their next album LoserLand at the Tragically Hip’s Bathouse Studio in Ontario.

They played at the Turbo Haüs, on rue Saint-Denis, and were supported by Technicolor Dreamers, a band from Montréal, that just released their debut EP, Aperitivo, this year, followed by the single Something Strange.

Unfortunately, the first part of the gig was ruined a little by several acoustic-related issues that luckily ended (at least the majority of them).

When Po Lazarus entered, my expectations were definitely exceeded.

Joshua Carey possessed the stage as exactly I remembered him doing, one year ago, at Rialto Theatre. Impressive… Do you know what a frontman is? Well, you should look at him: he’s definitely the show. It is always mesmerizing seeing him, literally “throwing” himself into the music.

Even though the exhibition wasn’t about a new single or EP, it “tasted” real good, all about the music, all about feeling it. Easily, that same perception passed through all the attendees who were moving and nodding on the sexy groovy Body Luv, or on Bovine, just to name a couple of their hits.

The always catchy, yet rock and at the same time smooth sound of Po Lazarus, has that flavour which mixes together the surprise toward something new with a sort of vintage aftertaste. That particular allure, which in a unique way, both marks and creates atmospheres and melodies at the border of a perfect music mélange.  It should be defined as some sort of flawless recipe: classic rock ’n’ roll sometimes combined with a touch of California Sound, a little sprinkle of something heavier and the velvety smooth voice of Carey…voilà!

Throughout the entire performance, Mascarenhas was owning the bass, with Kento skillfully moving his hand on the fretboard, while Grant beat the drums, creating powerful rhythms as if there was no tomorrow.

Thank you guys! Loved it! The perfect ending was granted by the soft Babehill. A special mention goes to the fans: yes, they have a great fan base! Shout-out to those who support and help create these always beautifully intense performances.


  • I Was in My Baby’s Big Arms
  • Rock N Roll N Ritual
  • LoserLand 
  • Hey, Big Beluga
  • Bonnie Ate a Beachball
  • Body Luv
  • O Henry
  • Bovine
  • Will You Be My Baby?
  • If You Are Alone
  • I’m Just a Man
  • Mantra
  • Despair, Too
  • DreamLand
  • BabeHill

Review & photos – Francesca Sacerdoti

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