Gringe @ l’Astral – 29 November 2019

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French rap fans united at L’Astral this Friday to go see Gringe, the second half of Les Casseurs Flowters (with fellow French rapper Orelsan). Unlike for when Orelsan came to town last year, the venue was far from being sold out with roughly a hundred people in the crowd as Gringe, despite being Orelsan’s sidekick, did not get quite the same success as Orelsan (yet). After releasing his first album Enfant Lune last year, he got the opportunity to tour all over France, finishing his tour in Montreal, Quebec, delighting all the Mont-Royal inhabitants (too cliché?) and a few Quebecers. 

Baggies opened the night with a short but effective performance. He was decent at warming up the crowd, even though it wasn’t quite my style. Baggies played a few songs from his latest album nº1401, released back in April this year. If you want to give it a listen and support local music, I strongly advise you to listen to the album on Spotify.

After roughly 30 minutes after Baggies’ set ended, Gringe made his way on stage, acclaimed by the crowd as he made his entrance. Guillaume Tranchant (his real name) started his set with “Paradis Noir”, that is the most representative song of his dark and very personal album: “À part m’les passer au cou et faire le nœud, il pleut des cordes dans mon paradis noir”. It was Gringe’s third time coming to Montreal, but the first time performing solo and without Orelsan, finally getting the spotlight he deserves. With catchy tracks such as “On Danse Pas”, « Qui Dit Mieux » (originally with Orelsan, Vald, and Suikon Blaz AD), and “Déchiré”, Gringe convinced the crowd that he has the right writing and stage presence skills to stand on his own.  Sure, some Casseurs Flowters songs had to be part of the setlist, and Gringe delivered what the crowd wanted with an efficient medley of “La Nouvelle Paire”, “En Boucle”, “Dans La Place Pour échiré”, “Des Histoires A Raconter”, “A l’Heure Où Je Me Couche” but it wasn’t even my favourite part of his set. I was looking forward hearing him perform “Scanner” (originally with Lea Castel), “Jusqu’où Elle M’aime” (with the talented Nemir) and his biggest hit “Pièces Détachées”, and it was even better than I expected. I may be biased as these three songs are by far my favourite songs from him, but hearing them live was so satisfying. 

Despite having only released his first solo album at age 38, Gringe showed us Friday that he has the talent and stage experience to perform flawlessly and to make fans understand that Gringe doesn’t have to stay in Orelsan’s shadow (as stated by Gringe himself in “On Danse Pas” “Je suis l’sidekick d’Orel’ que tu connais même pas”), and can and will be his own artist for the years to come.

Gringe Setlist

  • Paradis Noir
  • Konnichiwa
  • On Danse Pas
  • Qui Dit Mieux
  • Scanner
  • Le Mal Est Fait
  • Déchiré
  • Karma
  • Pour La Nuit
  • Jusqu’où Elle M’aime
  • Casseurs Flowters Medley (La Nouvelle Paire, En Boucle, Dans La Place Pour Être, Des Histoires A Raconter, A l’Heure Où Je Me Couche)
  • LMP
  • Pone Solo
  • Pièces Détachées

Review – Maxime Le Huidoux

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