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Peaches at Mtelus


MTelus filled up pretty early on, which is pretty fun since all those lucky people got the chance to see KHALIF perform. He walked on stage with confidence and a ready attitude. After greeting the audience with a sweet “Bonjour Montreal.”, KHALIF started his opening set and got the crowd’s energy up high. 

Khalif in Montreal

The crowd very clearly matched his energy as he performed. They danced and jumped along with him, cheering loudly when he broke out vogueing or when he spat absolute bars into his microphone. The flashing lights complimented his performance beautifully, showering him in shades of greens and purples while he danced. KHALIF spoke short and sweet words to the crowded venue, telling everyone that they’re fun to dance with. “Ohhh my GOD!” he exclaimed, “My mascara’s gettin’ in my eyes! That’s how you know it’s a good time!” 

KHALIF had such a captivating and attractive energy. He engaged his audience with ease and brought the party to life before it was time for the main headlining artist to take the stage of MTelus. 

Khalif at MTelus


As the venue grew darker, the audience, who were waiting for PEACHES to make her entrance, all cheered and screamed with excitement ringing through their voices. With her song “Set It Off” beginning to blast through the speakers, PEACHES walked on stage with conviction, wearing a giant vulva-shaped hat on her head.

The first song on the set hadn’t even ended and PEACHES had already stripped herself of all her clothing, save for her shoes, spandex, and pasties. Her background dancers joined her on stage, expertly moving around until finally reaching PEACHES, and quickly pulling clothing onto her for her next outfit. I couldn’t tell you how many times PEACHES had changed her outfit during the show. Throughout the night the process was repeated, she stripped on stage and was quickly clothed by her dancers. 

Peaches in Montreal

PEACHES’ performance was extremely theatrical, so much was going on, no matter where you looked there was something to catch your eye. Her guitarist sported an insane hairstyle that I was wildly jealous of, and definitely blew everyone away with the way they were playing that guitar. The background dancers performed a series of choreography for each song, during “Suck and Let Go”, the two of them sauntered to the center from each end of the stage, wearing nothing but pink jean jackets and cute pink panties. They both turned around, each movement extremely slow and synchronized with each other. They took off their jackets, revealing their bare backs, and bent over forwards. The two of them slowly pulled off layers upon layers of panties, the colours changing from pink to black until they were wearing nothing but beige thongs. 

The show continued on with more bangers like “Diddle My Skittle”, “Rock Show”, “Lover Tits”, and “Boys Wanna Be Her”. Each and every song was accompanied by either something campy or something sexual from the background dancers. They pulled up in the most massive blond wigs you could imagine, they performed an interpretive dance along with the guitarist and even acted out different sexual positions as PEACHES gave her absolute all into her singing. 

PEACHES was extremely interactive with the crowd, having told her opinion that Montreal is the nastiest city in Canada, and she even walked onto the crowd. Of course, she gave a stern warning; “Put your fucking phones away and carry me, if I fall the show is over and no one wants that.” She safely made her way around the pit, taking careful steps onto people’s hands as they held her up.

I think my favourite part of the show was during “Dick in the Air”, a giant condom was inflated above the pit, and PEACHES just walked right into it, stepping all over the crowd for the second time that night. And when the lyric “Whose jizz is this?” was being sung over and over again, PEACHES made her way to the very tip of the giant condom, and shot crazy string from a small opening. Everyone lost their minds, cheering and jumping as they danced along to the aggressive beat. 

She had us fooled a few times, saying her goodbyes to the crowd and abandoning the stage, only to come back and perform another song before leaving and coming back all over again. Her encore consisted of the songs “Fuck the Pain Away”, and Celine Dion’s “It’s All Coming Back To Me Now” a cover that PEACHES couldn’t resist putting her own nasty twist into, changing the lyrics so say; “When you fuck me like this, and when you fist me like that.” The graphic additions to the lyrics made the crowd go wild with cheering, and we all listened as PEACHES sang her last song for the night. 

Although PEACHES had told the crowd that her throat was sore, her voice was still excellent. “I’m sorry I sound like Courtney Love’s grandmother.” She says in apology to the Montreal crowd, “I’ve never brought tea on stage in my entire career but here we fucking are!” She raised her travel mug to her lips, and everyone cheered for the iconic PEACHES as she took a long sip of tea. 

PEACHES is one hell of a performer, there was not a single dull moment during the show. The performance was sexual and so much fun, everyone in the pit danced the entire night, and sang every lyric right back at their beloved PEACHES.

Review – Jamie Siddall

Photos – Mell Martella

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