Parquet Courts singer A. Savage to play intimate Montreal show this Monday

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On Monday 23 October, Parquet Courts leader A. Savage will play Montreal’s intimate Bar le Ritz.


Savage recently released his new solo LP Several Songs About Fire, made with PJ Harvey producer John Parish. Savage also got help from friends like Cate Le Bon and Modern Nature’s Jack Cooper for the record.

A. Savage had this to say about his new album and the single, Elvis In the Army.

We often describe ourselves in geographic terms. American, New Yorker — two terms that I’ve used to identify myself that have to do with being from or of a certain place. So “Elvis In The Army” is a bit of an inventory of those labels. They have less to do with geography than we realize. Really we’re just talking about ourselves, then framing certain characteristics geographically. No matter where I live, I’ll have an American psyche until the day I die, for better or for worse. I’ll always be of America. And I can’t imagine a time where New York doesn’t feel like home. But despite that, I’d rather not be associated with a place, at least for now…

I imagine myself playing these songs in a small club that is slowly burning. Fire is something you have to escape from, and in a way, this album is about escaping from something. This album is a burning building, and these songs are things I’d leave behind to save myself.

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