New Music Friday November 5, 2021

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Softcult (Kitchener) is a high energy band comprised of twin sisters Mercedes Arn-Horn (vocals/guitar) and Phoenix Arn-Horn (vocals/drums).

Never fear walking in the dark when this band has your back.

Watch BWBB (Boys Will Be Boys) which is my favourite track this week.

Best Listened to while trying to start a revolution.

Michie Mee

From the opening scream, the Rage like vibe will capture you.

You might know her from Raggadeath, but this is power in a bottle.

Best listened to when you want to break stuff.

Ken Tizzard and Music For Goats

With a name like that, how could you not be curious?

Americana from a member of The Watchmen.

Best listened to while cooking up a storm on the BBQ.


Ann@lise is from Montreal and does attitude filled POP.

Best listened to while having a pillow fight with yourself.

Neon Jesus

EDM meets Blues

Best listened to loud while rocking your tighty whities hoping your neighbours can’t see the dance party you are having all alone.


Neela (Toronto) brings some fresh R&B to the table with a fresh beat.

Best listened to when you want to feel sexy.


Echlo (Toronto) is an artsy pop project from the stepsister of Julian Lennon.

Best listened to when trying interpretive dance for the first time.

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