New Music Friday January 28, 2022

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NOBRO turned the volume to 11, and cranked the energy level through the roof for this banger.

Genre: Punk Rock

Best listened to first thing in the morning, if you ran out of coffee.


Warpaint want you to be “a champion to oneself and for others.” After a 6 year wait, new Album coming on May 6th, 2022. Can’t wait.

Genre: Indie Alternative/Dream Pop

Best listened to while repeating “I’m a champion” to oneself as you built up courage to take on the world.

MØ release her new single New Moon off Motordrome about leaving things behind and new starts.

Genre: Indie POP

Best listened to while valiantly brandishing a breakup sword.

Black Tiger Sex Machine

The band that merges the sounds and visuals released Utopia, another song that will surely get you dancing.

Genre: EDM

Best listened to while floating through the Metaverse in a robot avatar.

Dear Rouge

Dear Rouge released Small Talk, a song about the emptiness one can sometimes feel, even in a room full of people. Small talk becomes meaningless.

Genre: Dance Rock

Best listened to during a party for one, dancing like no one is looking.

Ghostly Kisses

Heartbeat is the latest release from Quebec’s own Ghostly Kisses. Soft, yet upbeat.

Genre: Indie POP

Best listened to while dancing in the dark.

Our Lady Peace

What? A new Spiritual Machines II? Bring it on. The new single is Run.

Genre: Alternative

Best listened to while being nostalgic about the 90’s and 00’s.


Ann@lise released Fake Friends about removing things that are toxic in your life.

Genre: Indie Pop

Best listened to while purging your social media account.

Max Parker

Max Parker released Try, a push to get inspire us to push forward at all costs.

Genre: Pop

Best listened to before texting that person you have a crush on.

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