New Music Friday January 21, 2022

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It’s so easy for us to get stuck in a rut and listen to the music we know.

With streaming, we have the abundance of choice, but it’s often the bands I saw live that make it to my favourite playlists. This week, my song of the week is from Basement Revolver, whom I’ve seen play in a basement…sort of, L’Escogriffe.

Basement Revolver

Basement Revolver released Circles, revealing their softer side, and that dreamy voice of Chrisy Turn.

Genre: Indie, Alternative, Dream Pop

Best listened to in a dark room, while waiting for the meds to kick in.

Beach House

Beach Housed released a block of songs as a chapter, including Sunset, Only You Know, Another Go Around, Masquerade and Illusion of Forever

Genre: Dream Pop

Best listened to while lucid dreaming as you fly over blankets of white snow covered hills.

Chris Grey

When Chris Grey is not helping others make hits, he creates his own. His latest bass-heavy song is Back Again is helped by Allegra Jordyn.

Genre: R&B/Soul, Pop

Best listened to from the VIP area of your living room makeshift club.

Billy Talent

Billy Talent is showing us their more gentle side with something most of have done in our past: Hanging Out with All The Wrong People.

Genre: Punk Rock

Best listened to while contemplating your life’s decisions along in your cell, as you await bail.

Lennon Stella

As featured on How I Met Your Father, Lennon Stella released Hey Beautiful.

Genre: Indie Pop

Best listened to when you need to feel better about yourself after a crappy week.


Mirabelle released Acid Rain, a song about forgotten treasured memories brought up by the discovery of a box full of mementos.

Genre: Folk, Ethereal Wave

Best listened to while looking at photo albums during a rainy day.

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