New Music Friday December 3, 2021

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Kandle released a Visual Album version of INFERNO, her indie album. This is a companion short film and visual album.

Genre: Singer/Songwriter with a foot in the past and one in the future.

Best listened to while working on the time machine that will help set the empowerment of women ahead by a century.


Former Montreal artist Grimes released a lyric video for Player of Games. Seems she found a replacement for Elon Musk.

Genre: EDM

Best listened to while deep in battle online.

Ellen Froese

New release and video from Elle Froese (Saskatchewan) with In The Sun. Great mellow song with a nice touch of country.

Genre: Folk with a hint of Country

Best listened to while sipping fresh lemonade on the covered porch, sheltered from the hot sun, while you watch your dog run away for days in the prairies.


Soon to be heard at an arena rock show near you, NOBRO released another sing-a-long with JULIA.

Genre: Punk Rock with attitude

Best listened to while pretending to be Joan Jett and singing to the mirror with a hair brush.

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