KANDLE chats “Set The Fire” and how she trained to be an assassin for Jack White

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The heat and volume continue to rise as JUNO-nominated artist, Kandle releases her new album, Set The Fire, out today.

The record was recorded right around the beginning of the COVID pandemic and Kandle says focussing on the music was a welcome distraction.

It seemed so strange to me and I was in the studio about 18 hours a day and then I try and get food and you couldn’t get food and toilet paper and soap. And people were like screaming in the streets and I’m like, what’s happening here?! So it was easy to get lost in the music, which I preferred.

Music has been a part of her life since she was born. Her father is Neil Osborne from the band 54-40.

I remember feeling so amazed watching my dad play and seeing thousands of people sing along to what he was saying. And my little tiny child brain didn’t really understand. I was like, this is just a song about my mom. Why are all the people singing about my mom? But it just created an environment of so much love and inspiration and bringing people together. And as a child, I was just trying to figure out what that beautiful, amazing feeling was that could unite so many people with just music.

We caught up with Kandle on the day before the release of Set The Fire to talk about music, Montreal and training as an assassin for Jack White.

You can watch the interview below:

For the album visuals, Kandle has been teaming up with longtime collaborator, Director Brandon William Fletcher, who was behind the visual for her single Honey Trap, a sweet-but-fierce tune about breaking free from a sticky power struggle and the awakenings that follow. Featuring actor Keenan Tracey (Bates Motel, The 100), the video for Honey Trap sees Kandle and her new band of besties, The Wiccs (Louise Burns, Kendel Carson and Tess Ananda), and reminds us of the powerful impact of reclaiming your independence on and off the stage.
Last month, Kandle was nominated for a 2021 Prism Prize for Set The Fire’s first single, Lock and Load, (her second nomination for the award following Not Up To Me). The song received an earlier nod for a Canadian Independent Video Award in 2020. 

With strong influences from the fierce female greats of a bygone era (Nancy Sinatra, Billie Holiday and Shirley Bassey, to name a few), Kandle writes and sings exclusively with her heart; something so often void in the modern era of overproduced perfection. She sings honest and raw, vulnerable yet empowered, never afraid to pen even life’s heaviest moments. This is an artist at her most empowered and authentic – an artist who by sharing her own story of healing, can help us all do the same.

Set The Fire is out now.

Photo credit – Brandon William Fletcher

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