New Music Friday April 22, 2022

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Another mixed bag this week, beginning with Montreal’s own Tess Roby.

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Tess Roby

Tess Roby released her album Ideas of Space today. Here is one of the singles called Path.

Genre: Ambient Dream Pop

Path is best listened to when you need to de-stress every atom in your body.

Of Monsters and Men

Something we all need right about now…This Happiness from Of Monsters and Men.

Genre: Indie Folk Rock

This Happiness is best listened to when getting over your fear of clowns.


A riff that existed since Crisis but only fully developed during the COVID sessions, Reverse the Curse is the second single from the new record.

Genre: Screamo Punk

Reverse the Curse is best listened to just after your love left you.

ARO (Aimée Osbourne)

While her dad is a godfather of heavy metal, Aimee’s music has more electronic and synth sounds, with elements of rock and industrial thrown into the mix.

Genre: a mix of synth-pop and alternative rock

Against Mine is best listened to while seducing a stranger.

Sigrid featuring Bring Me The Horizon

I’m so excited about ‘Bad Life’ being out in the world with the Bring Me boys! We’re really proud of this one, and we hope it can bring some comfort,” says Sigrid about the new single.

Genre: Electropop with a hint of alt-metal

Bad Life is best listened to while manifesting positive vibes.

easy life

easy life’s music is packed full of glass-half-full lyrical themes about self-love, acceptance, and living life on the bright side. They’re also some of the catchiest gems you’ve ever heard.

Genre: Somewhere between indie pop and hip-hop

Beeswax is best listened to while you’re feeling overwhelmed, burnt out, or just simply too stressed to operate.


That a band can be at once so triumphantly beautiful and gut-punchingly heavy is a testament to CONJURER’s quality and a surefire sign of their future longevity at the top of Britain’s heavy music scene.

Genre: Post Metal

Rot is best listened to while trying to escape the voices in your head.

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