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Saturday night I decided to get a glimpse of the Montreal nightlife and attend an EDM show at MTelus on St-Catherine street.  Performing was none other than Sullivan King, a DJ who creates a melting pot of Dubstep and Metal with a flair for showmanship.

Ray Volpe

I was excited to see what Keaton Prescott had in store for us.  Being it was past my bedtime I had a nap before the show and arrived for Ray Volpe who had a strong set that included his new song with Marshmallow (ID).  The crowd ate it up and danced their hearts out.

Sullivan King in Montreal

Finally at 1:30 am Sullivan King came out to rock the crowd who had already been dancing all night. His intro video was pretty cool, basically, we were trapped with no way out. The only way out was to listen to the beats! 

As he hit the stage, unlike most DJs who just get installed behind their turntables, he came out to greet the fans and say a few words.  The party started with a power pack one hour and thirty-minute set packed with beats drops, guitar riffs, headbanging and good times.

What made this performance stand out from most is Keaton would come out and play some guitar riffs – such a welcome addition for this old-school rocker. The blend of electronic music and guitars is seamless and something I would love to see more of.  This makes this DJ stand out from the crowd. 

Make sure you don’t miss his next visit when he plays Ile Soniq in August.

Watch our exclusive Sullivan King interview below:

Review & photos – Eric Brisson

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