Montreal’s Vinyl Hero celebrate 35th anniversary of Peter Gabriel’s “Sledgehammer”

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Thirty-five years ago, Peter Gabriel released the classic song “Sledgehammer” on his album “So”. The video for this track was revolutionary, garnering it several awards and becoming an instant classic. Now, to celebrate this 35th anniversary on April 21st, 2021, Montreal’s Vinyl Hero has covered the song and has released a music video.

In their rendition of the video, Vinyl Hero uses high contrast simplicity to echo the artistic flair present in the original. The band explains their reasoning for choosing this song:

“This is a personal favourite of the band and has been part of our live set for a long time and through that time we have really made it our own. We’re a rock band, a power trio, and we wanted to make our version sound like a rock band wrote it. it’s more of a rendition than a cover!”

The cover was recorded and mixed at Montreal’s own #churchofrocknroll The Freq Shop and released as an audio track back on March 26 (available on all streaming platforms)

For the song, Vinyl Hero worked with Montreal producer Dave Traina (The Damn Truth) & mastering engineer Harry Hess (Monster Truck, Billy Talent). 

Watch the video below:

To date, Vinyl Hero have released two EPs and a single. More material is on the way! 

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