Montreal artist Laraw shares new single “This Is How I Lost My Friends”

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Laraw (née Lara Rawadi) is a pop music anomaly.

Coming from Lebanese and Moroccan roots, Laraw can speak and sing in French, English and Arabic. With so many different ways to express herself, it’s no wonder music comes naturally to her, It has proven to be the perfect cathartic vehicle for expressing how she navigates this culmination of cultures, scenes, languages, and codes in which she immerses herself.

Laraw is also a self-obsessed gamer who is seriously inspired by platform video game soundtracks like Spyro, composed by Stewart Copeland of The Police. Laraw’s own work builds on the same type of extreme emotion you hear while levelling up or facing an epic challenge. “It’s just like life, I want to capture the same intensity and those extremes make you feel so happy, stressed out, relieved and passionate while you’re playing,” Laraw says, noting that she’s developing this adventurous approach to song-making.

This trial-by-fire approach to creating songs extends to her own aesthetic as well. She often chooses out-of-the-box clothing designers such as Rémi van Bochove to collaborate with when she’s tasked to shoot videos or take part in photo shoots for fashion magazines like Elle Quebec. Her sound and vision stems from a need to be authentic to who she is and ignore outdated music industry standards. “I’m against anyone or thing that puts pressure to be perfect because that’s all a lie,” she says. “It’s so degrading to be expected to be anything but yourself, so that’s what you’ll always see and hear from me, I’m not afraid to tell people how I feel with my music.” She adds, “When it comes to me, there’s no time to waste.”

Today (4/23),  Laraw (pronounced Lair-ruh) releases her new single “This Is How I Lost My Friends.” In our modern hyper-connected world, Laraw explains how disconnected she became from her friends during this past year and is deeply apologetic for shutting out those closest to her. Co-written and produced by Michael Adubato (Maude Latour, Del Water Gap and Grace VanderWaal), “This Is How I Lost My Friends” is an upbeat, chiptune-inflected track that captures her inability to cope with the past year, acknowledging it, and apologizing to her friends the only way she knows how; through music. 

Laraw says about writing the song,

“Last year was fucked. I just stopped talking to everyone because I had nothing left to say. People who’ve known me for a while know that I don’t like going out or hanging out with anyone to begin with … but last year was different. I needed someone to ask me how I was doing and no one did – no one could, really. We were all going through it .

I tend to blame myself a lot whenever there’s any problem in my life. “This is How I Lost My Friends” is an apology to everyone I may have hurt but also to myself for not taking care of me the way I should have. “What the fuck is wrong with me?” is a question I ask myself a lot but the answer is simple. Nothing. I’m just one of those people who don’t talk when they don’t know what to say. It doesn’t mean I don’t care. I care a lot. I’m just afraid to say the wrong thing or stress others out.

I miss my friends and can’t wait for us to be all safe again. Until then, This is how I lost My friends. Not because I wanted to but because life happened, anxiety got the best of me and I didn’t feel like asking for help. 

Sorry dudes.”

Photo Credit: Adrian Villagomez & Becca Hamel

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