Montreal composer ROQUEMORE unveils “grandiose, rhythmic orchestral indie-rock” album

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Montreal-based musician, composer and producer, Roquemore is finally preparing to deliver his new album. “A grandiose and rhythmic orchestral indie-rock work”, the record will be available on all digital platforms on June 4.

Praised for his previous album, Tearing Us Apart, released as The Vasts, Roquemore has spent the last few years working on this new musical project, mostly in a basement in the Mile-End.

The result is a collection of seven carefully crafted songs, which address the universal feelings of doubt, helplessness, chaos and hope. The music walks delicately between these often contradictory feelings.

Drawing its inspiration from deep rock roots, the opus puts forward unconventional arrangements defying genres, in particular thanks to the mixture of strings and synthesizers, while letting its influences shine, ranging from Pink Floyd to Tame Impala, Arcade Fire to Massive Attack. While the spirit of rock is centred on vigorous assertiveness, Roquemore injects it with doubt, confusion and humility.

Roquemore was supported in his approach in particular by  Evan Tighe (Patrick Watson) on drums, as well as by the string quartet Mommies on the Run and  Jean Massicotte from Studio Masterkut (sound recording, mixing).

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