Montreal afro-jazz artist Erockfor reminds us to enjoy your own gifts

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“I believe that there’s a lesson in everything. So I decided to use those lessons to create art.” Erockfor

When I was asked to speak with Montreal jazz/pop singer Erockfor, I was prepared to discuss her musical influences like Amy Winehouse, Erykah Badu and Billie Holiday. Luckily we got sidetracked and ended up on a spiritual and philosophical journey that makes for my favourite kind of interview.

Her new single “I Thought You Loved Me” is very… personal.

We both began to laugh as I quote her lyrics; “came home to a bitch on my bed” before Erockfor casually elaborates on how she caught her husband cheating, decided to divorce him, and left for Korea (to teach English) within a matter of weeks.

In a series of challenging events and decisions, she took control and changed the trajectory of her life.

“What happens when you come home and there’s another woman on your marital bed? You write a song about it.”

And then it got interesting… In the spirit of her newfound courage, following the message of her new mantra;

“When in doubt, do.”

Erockfor decided to join an all-black burlesque show. Teaching English to children during the day and then performing at a local Korean jazz club at night, it was there that she gained the confidence she needed to pursue her dreams.

Check out our conversation below:

“I Thought You Loved Me” is the first single from her debut album due later this year in October. Entitled “Phoenix”, Erockfor proves that she has indeed risen from the ashes and emerged stronger and wiser. While some of the tracks are about heartbreak and betrayal, the messages are hopeful and empowering.

“Pain is a teacher.” Erockfor

Annette Aghazarian

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