We Are Monroe @ Le Belmont – 28th January 2017

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Often categorized as a post-punk revival band, and going back as far back as the late 90’s, Montreal’s We Are Monroe have been building ther reputation in their home town for a while now, with their take on dancy indie-rock attracting bigger and bigger crowds, demonstrated by tonight’s packed out Belmont.


This show isn’t just another gig though. Tonight, the band are here to celebrate the release of new single Midnight Cruiser, ahead of the release of their debut album in April 2017. They play the song tonight while also debuting the official video, although frontman Pat Gomes warns they’re likely to play it too fast to sync with the clip on the wall behind them.


After opening sets by Po Lazarus and Mike McKenna Jr it’s time for the main attraction. The sound inside the venue is crystal clear and the band have obviously made a concerted effort to dress the stage. A line of amps isn’t enough tonight. The band’s name fills the back of the stage in lights, adding to the sense of occasion. The packed out crowd dances and cheers throughout their set and all those on stage seem to be genuinely enjoying the performance.


Songs like the soaring Give Me Some… are performed with real passion, while crowd favourite Funeral gets the entire room moving to its uplifting Franz Ferdinand-like beat. The relentless rhythm of Tiger In A Box ensures things don’t slow down for a second while Tear Yourself Apart gives Gomes’s vocals time to shine.

Occasionally you’ll witness a local band and realise they’re about to move onto far bigger things. If there’s any justice in the world, We Are Monroe are about to have a very big year!


Intro jam
Mind games
Pull Me Under
Lost in the Dark
Hit Back
White Lights
Bitter Teeth
Tiger in a Box
Midnight Cruiser
Tear Yourself Apart
Give Me Some Love
No Vacation Land
Break The Silence

Review & photos – Steve Gerrard

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