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Midnight Miles

Midnight Miles Interview

Midnight Miles Full Interview

When I hear the name Midnight Miles, I picture the convertible 1973 Chevrolet Caprice, “The Red Shark”, driving along a desert road towards Vegas, illuminated only by the countless stars.

I don’t picture Hunter S. Thompson driving, but myself, with the music loud and guitar driven.  There is a sense of danger and adventure as I ride towards the next adventure.

Midnight Miles Meaning

“There are the owls, the night watchmen, the highway in the middle, almost like you are entering some sort of carnival with the full moon in the background” reveals Ryan on the band logo.

When Ryan contemplated a band name, it was that middle of the night feeling that was an inspiration.

Both Ryan & I also get great exhilaration from riding our motorcycles.  

There is a certain Zen that comes from riding in silence, especially at night, where your thoughts get to explore new levels of consciousness.  

Breaking Free

If you haven’t heard of Midnight Miles, it’s because it’s a new band formed from a remnant of The Holds.  Based in Montreal, Ryan Setton (Lead Vocals), Paul Lucyk (Guitar/vocals), Peter Grant (Guitar/vocals), Aidan Keeley (Bass/vocals) and Justin Wiley (drums) decided to add an element of danger to their set.

“With the Holds, we drove, intentionally, within the lanes of the road” explains Ryan.  

The Holds put on a great show, but they stuck close to the recorded tracks.

This time around, they want to give in fully to the music.

Ryan noticed that the crowd really reacted when they were “able to improvise and let loose.”

It is “like taking the creative freedom to take the listener on a journey’”

Taking the improvisation of Jazz and applying to being in a new band is “almost like you are challenging each other”, shares Ryan. 

When they finally got together, after such a dry spell of playing music, “the energy was sizzling”, concludes Ryan.

Paul was also in The Holds, joining the band right before COVID, playing for a band with existing songs.  Now, with this new project, “we are writing this material together, bringing our own musical styles and flair.”  

Paul goes on to describe it as a “spontaneous chemistry in real time.  Our parts are affected by each other’s playing.”

Like that open road adventure, it’s being in the moment and appreciating the journey that makes it special.

“Improvisation and being spontaneous is really where the joy in music is for me”, echoes Aiden.  

Building the perfect song is often the process of adding layers upon layers based on collaboration.  

Yet, the live set can be mini journeys of improvisation, but it’s not for the faint at heart.  You have to trust your bandmates, which is something the band has been doing in rehearsals.

Upcoming Show

The band will perform their first live show outdoors on July 27th, 2021 at 19:00 in Centennial Park, Beaconsfield.

Link for more information

NOTE: Only for Beaconsfield Residents

“People want to celebrate, people want to let loose” admits Ryan, “always change things every time you play it, so it’s always a journey and people are coming with us.”  

“That way it feels fresh”, adds Aiden.

Fantasy Rock Band

I asked Ryan, Paul and Aidan to create the ultimate Fantasy Rock Band, with member dead or alive.

This is my way of finding out their influences without asking the boring question:  What are your influences?

Ryan starts by listing all of the Led Zeppelin members, as a joke.  

Yet, I see the blues connection in his initial reaction.

Singer:  Janis Joplin (Ryan’s choice).  “I would shake it up….”

Guitar:  Eric Clapton (Paul’s choice)  “The first person that inspired me on the guitar, and made me want to jump in and play in a certain way that spoke to people.”  

Bass:  Jaco Pastorius (Aiden’s choice) “Even if he’s not so much a rocker, I feel he could fill the role.”

Drums:  Justin. (Chosen by all) Obviously, much respect for their own drummer.

Their answers show a willingness to dig into the past and get inspired by these rock legends, Justin on the short list to becoming one himself.

“True to the core, but also riskier, taking more chances”, is the way Ryan sees the evolution in this new band.

“We are not reinventing the wheel.  Any music steeped in the blues, you are constantly tipping the hat to the greats of the past through the songwriting or the playing, while being firmly rooted in the present”, confesses Ryan.

“Once you get with a group of people and you are collaborating musically, where it just feels easy and fun….the less you are contemplating it….you are just doing it, being and expressing…that’s when the magic happens” adds Paul.  “The totality of our energies together, all the hard work we put into our individual crafts, and the influences…now it’s just coming out.”

Ryan will build that initial fire and the band will expand it into a living, breathing song that will constantly evolve during the live sets.

That is the essence of Midnight Miles and that is also the reason why you should check them out.

In the end, the band will absorb the energy of the crowd and give back even more with their performance.


Writer: Randal Wark is a Professional Speaker and MasterMind Facilitator with a passion for live music.  You can follow him on InstagramTwitter and YouTube. His Podcast RockStar Today helps musicians quit their days jobs with out of the box advice from Ted Talk Speakers, Best Selling Authors and other interesting Entrepreneurs and Creatives. He created the Rock Star Today MasterMind Experience for musicians.

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