Actors – New Video for Only Lonely

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Actors have perfected the balance between nostalgia and modern music.

Today, they released their latest video for Only Lonely directed by Wayne Moreheart.

If you fancy Post Punk, Dark Wave, Cold Wave, Goth, Actors probably have found themselves in one of your playlists, such as Dark & Gothic on Spotify.

They are the kind of band that will make you pick up your phone, and ask: “Who is this?”

That’s how they hook you in…and they won’t let you go so easily, creating songs begging for repeated listening.

Of course, the best way to hear them is live, as they have a reputation for “incredible energy” according to Kym Pop, who runs the Fan Page on Facebook with over 1,300 dedicated members.

Get your tickets for their stop at Bar Le Ritz, it’s going to be insane! Buy Tickets

The second best way to listen to them is with their now 4th pressing on clear vinyl, which I ordered back in April and got this week. Link to vinyl or beg your local record shop to carry it.

Regardless of how you discover Actors, they will win you over and nestle themselves in your daily playlist.

Don’t miss our upcoming interview with Jason Corbett (vocals, guitar).


Link to new song on Spotify

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