Interloper – Andrew Virrueta talks with us about their debut album, Search Party

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2021 sets a great start for the Californian progressive metal band Interloper.

Under the wing of Nuclear Blast Records, the 3-piece released a solid EP, A Revenant Legacy, in January acting as an impressive warm-up to their brand new album, Search Party ready to be released on the 11th of June.

Miles Dimitri Baker (guitar), Aaron Stechauner (drums) and Andrew Virrueta (vocals, guitar) seem to have found their path with this creation that provides a wide idea of the skills of this band. 

Tracing interesting lines between melodic and hardcore structures, Search Party moves into original explorations: of sounds, of vocals, of melodies and storytelling. The title track emanates European shadows while Moonlight displays a sort of cinematic appeal. The investigation into different arrangements proceeds while listening first to Dreamland then to Drift: different textures for these 2 songs that, also listed one next to the other, build distinct atmospheres. 

Light and shadow frame the entire architecture of this LP when travelling to uncharted and new territories as for Idle Years (check those guitar lines) before an unexpected cover of Duran Duran’s song Rio. 11 tracks make up a journey into the discovery of their own identity as a band, the genesis of their own mark, and the expression of their abilities. Enveloped into a beautifully designed album cover by Caelan Stokkermans, Interloper’s newest work truly stands out. 

Francesca Sacerdoti had the chance to discuss all of that more in-depth, with vocalist and guitarist Andrew Virrueta. We tackled the creative process that led to such a complex album, the challenges that it entailed, future projects and expectations.

Watch the interview below:

Search Party is released on June 11 through Nuclear Blast Records

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