Hear Runaway, the new single from Montreal’s Cinzia & The Eclipse

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Lead by emotional strength and honesty; Montreal singer-songwriter Cinzia & The Eclipse finds strength in her serene melodies and relatable lyrics that have created an honest bond between her and her listeners. Her latest single RUNAWAY highlights the importance of being bold and following your instincts and sets the tone to her debut EP coming this fall.

Watch the video below:

Cinzia has continued to expand her audience with her second single “No Matter” (Dec. 2018), which has received over 3.8 million streams and multiple playlist adds to date. Their latest release “Don’t Call Me Up” has been described as a direct order with a ticket to the “No Ex Zone”(Aupium). Drawing inspiration from Julia Michaels, Florence and The Machine, Janis Joplin and their hometown of Montréal, they’re injecting the world with a much-needed dose of raw, unfiltered emotion.

Watch our exclusive interview with Cinzia and The Eclipse HERE

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