Hear new music from Toronto’s Hollow Graves

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This week, Ontario band Hollow Graves have released Tequila Sunrise, the first single released during quarantine from their upcoming EP this summer.

The song touches on alcoholism and the attempt at keeping relationships from falling apart. 

The EP comes off the back of several months of live shows and working on new material in the band’s live room last year.

“Our favourite time period out of any given week are the days where we head to our live room and get to write new material,” the band explain. “This song is a product of that collaborative space and we think it shows. We hope this track gets you dancing!”

“We were in the process of filming the song’s music video before we were all sequestered to our homes. Its aesthetic is inspired by the mid-century heyday of music and culture. Our shooting was cut short but we’ve worked around it to complete the video. 

During these chaotic times, it is important to us to share the music we’ve been working on with you so that our creativity can bring you some enjoyment.”

Listen below:

Rob Coxford, Coady McCormack, Nathan Greavette, Nathan Miller and Alex Saragosa have been playing music together for over half a decade now, with explosive performances to sold-out shows in their hometown, winning over fans with their unique brand of dark, shoegaze inspired post-punk.

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