Greta Van Fleet’s “The Battle at Garden’s Gate” is beyond description

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The music, the production, and the mixing of this album by Frankenmuth, Michigan boys GRETA VAN FLEET will make you feel like you’re spiralling through a tunnel of musical love coming from all sides. This is the only way to describe the sophomore album by “the Christmas tree capital of the world” kids.

I first listened to it on my stationary bike and after opening my eyes I realized I had ridden three blocks and up a hill.

This LP is dangerously dark, moody, and it is scary to think that GVF are so young and have such a long /career ahead of them.

One of the most incredible things to say is that Greg Kurstin deserves more than a salute as the producer. There are absolutely no gaps; he brought out the best of this young quartet and only Christ himself could have done better. 

The mixing was so magical as well, from the nice reverb on guitar (Jacob Kiszka) to the timing of showcasing when and where the bass (Samuel Kiszka) and drums (Daniel Wagner) would stand out. 

Obviously lead singer Josh Kiszka is front and forefront and what a voice this guy has.  

Anyway, this album is sliced into twelve tracks and there isn’t a filler song throughout. 

My favourites that stand out have to be My Way, Soon and Built by Nations. Jacob’s amazing guitar playing accents the song with a low E string ringing constantly as the songs play. The leads throughout the album are nothing I would have expected from such a young kid. His timing, blistering ascending and descending scales really stand out as do the Wah Wah pedal usage in the opening riff of The Barbarians.

The boys also have no problem showcasing a slightly dark and mellow side with Light My Love, The Weight of Dreams, Broken Bells, and Tears of Rain, but each tune increases in feel, intensity and it’s just something you’ll have to experience for yourself. 

I can see this work going down as one of the best Prog Rock albums released in decades. You will be amazed at the range of sounds that you may be familiar with. I was blown off of my bike listening to Age of Machine which has a super eerie Angus Young and Hells Bells opening riff. 

 This album was noted by Rolling Stone as one of the most anticipated albums of 2021 and for good reason. Don’t hesitate to grab this piece of history because it will definitely assist in helping you through this Covid 19 shitshow!!!

Ernest Skinner

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