Gatecreeper + Narrowhead + guests @ Foufs

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On a nice Monday may evening, metalheads and hardcore music fans were headed to the legendary
club Foufs. An evening of heavy underground music was awaiting us.

Infant Island, a last-minute addition to the bill, started the show. As the crowd was slowly entering the
venue, they were greeted by dark and noisy post-hardcore riffs. Their sound is reminiscent of early
dissonant screamo mixed with strong and beautiful melodies. The vocal melodies were layered over
chaotic guitar riffs creating a haunting atmosphere. They delivered a powerful performance that was
enjoyed by the crowd slowly starting to fill up the venue.

Next up was the Californian band Fearing. Those unfamiliar with the band were surprised by this soft
and melodic post-punk band. Their sound is inspired by the old-school goth band of the 80s. A hybrid of
cold wave, post-punk and shoegaze delivered with passion by the deep voice of vocalist James Rogers.
The gloomy and introspective songs had most in attendance hypnotized.

One could say Fearing the calm before the storm, as the death and slam metal band 200 Stab Wounds
was next. The crowd was waiting for their style of old-school death metal mixed up with groovy and
moshy riffs. As the first notes sounded, the venue was filled with fans moshing and jumping around
enthusiastically. Expertly combining violent and fast death metal with slow chunky riffs danceable riffs,
200 Stab Wounds has both fans on the hardcore and metal side of the musical spectrum. It was their
first time playing in Montreal and we gave them many reasons to come back.

This bill was quite unique. After the intensity and brutality of 200 Stab Wounds, the rock band Narrow
from Texas was up. Their groovy riffs were a throwback to the 90’s alternative rock scene. The
three guitars delivered head-bobbing riffs that had the crowd jumping up and down as they played their
nostalgic sounds of a different era. The crunchy distorted guitar riffs were layered over the wailing voice
of vocalist Jacob Duarte. At times, their songs slowed down to be soft and melodic and would then
explode in gnarly head-bobbing riffs.

The Death metal band Gatecreeper was up last to close out the evening. The fans in attendance were
ready to dance to their style of death metal combined with hardcore mosh riffs. The stage backdrop was
full of chains, skulls and smoke giving it an old-school vibe. As the band blasted through their set with
such stand-out tracks as “Starved”, “From the Ashes”, “Desperation” and “Flamethrower”, the crowd
moshed heavily and violently to the unforgettable performance of the band. The concerts goers were
running circle pits and pushing each other to the energetic music. The brutal but melodic guitar riffs
served as a background to the harsh screamed vocals. An amazing performance by a great band that left
all in attendance with a smile on their face.

Thank you to Extensive Enterprise for putting on yet another great show.

Jason Maher

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