Famous Underground – New EP & Video

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In the late 80s to early 90s, Heavy Metal band Slik Toxik rose to Canadian fame which earned them a Juno Award and other accolades.

When rock-n-roll runs through your veins, new music cannot be contained.

Nick Walsh recruited Laurie-Anne Green (bass) in 2011 and formed Famous Underground, releasing their first album that same year.

“Famous Underground is my passion project. It’s music that comes from my soul.” Walsh explains. 

Instead of a pandemic release of new music in 2020, fans had to wait till now to get a taste of the new material in the form of In My Reflection EP.

Watch the latest single The Dark One of Two.

“Back in the early days of Slik Toxik, we were singing about reaching for the brass ring, women and partying; all pretty typical stuff for guys in their late teens and early 20’s.”

As Nick matured, so did the music.

“I’m more interested in writing about the world around me and the human condition; the struggles within; duality; and the world around us. I’m a big believer in the whole yin/yang thing and how important it is to find balance in the world.”

According to Green, “One of the things that keeps my interest with this band is how over the years the sound has kept evolving, I feel that we are now playing some of our best material.”

Staying true to themselves is also of utmost priority.

Nick concludes: “I’m confident however; there is a pocket of people out there that will embrace our music. Maybe they’ll click LIKE, or whatever the kids are doing these days…LOL”

Give ’em a listen and give them some love.


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