CELINA WOLFE Interview – Counterfeit Love & connecting with women

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A few weeks ago at a concert, I was introduced to a lovely singer who told me that she sang like Adele.    

I wasn’t sure if she was delusional or very gifted but I was intrigued.  So when she reached out in my DMs, I listened… And I wanted to speak to her right away.

“It’s such an advantage in life to feel found.” Celina Wolfe

Born in Montreal, Celina Wolfe has been working very hard for the past two years on a new album with another great Montreal musician Ken Presse from @franklinelectric and has just put out a few singles.  

Counterfeit Love” made it on Spotify Contemporary Blend within days of release.

We talked for over an hour and I couldn’t help but be inspired by her insightful and creative outlook on music.  I could write a book of her quotes.

“Music is my way of connecting to something that’s higher than myself.  And I feel like my whole life I’ve been looking for that. And I could admit now that it’s music.  This is what I do.”

With no formal musical training, Celina writes her own lyrics from her personal experiences and is not afraid to bare her soul.   

“I think for me it’s like having a connection to something that’s higher than myself.  And I think that we’re all searching for that. That feeling of connection with something that is greater than ourselves.”

Although she gets the Adele comparison a lot, Celina is completely true to herself and can’t help the fact that she has a remarkable voice.  

“I think that there’s so much truth in saying that if you’re showing up and you’re doing it from that power in your soul, that’s what people connect with.”

Watch the full interview below:

I am really looking forward to watching her career blossom because we need more songs written from a female perspective, that explore a lot of deep and uncomfortable issues that we don’t often hear on the radio. MR

“I think about that a lot, like when I perform. You know like you’re gonna hit some wrong notes but are you giving it?  Are you giving it you’re your entire self?  Are you showing them who you are? Are you opening up?  Because people want to know.”

I believe that Celina’s voice isn’t simply auditorily pleasing but one that conveys a message of hope and strength.  

“If you’re out there sister I got you. Feel it through the song. I’ve been where you are.  I feel you. Get up.” 

Annette Aghazarian 

April 11, 2022

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