AT THE GATES – Interview with Tomas Lindberg

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At The Gates

Undisputed masters of Swedish death metal, AT THE GATES, have always been a fearless force for creative thinking. Formed in Gothenburg in 1990, the band’s highly influential take on the burgeoning extreme metal formula swiftly thrust them to the forefront of the underground.

Over the years that followed, they demonstrated an intensity and artistic hunger that few of their contemporaries could match. Their first two albums – The Red In The Sky Is Ours (1992) and With Fear I Kiss The Burning Darkness (1993) – eschewed the straightforward, melodic approach of their home-town peers in favour of a dark and progressive strain of full-bore brutality, with artful atmospherics and an underlying sense of otherworldly unease.

AT THE GATES just dropped their new album “The Nightmare of Being” on July 2nd via Century Media Records, and frontman Tomas Lindberg says to expect a lot more intricacy and layers of cinematic approach to songwriting.

“We really wanted to make this album like dark, progressive and like big. So to say, you know, like make it an album that you could spend a lot of time with almost like you go into different worlds when you listen to the record and we wanted the album to move you to different places as you go along.”

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected artists and musicians heavily but At The Gates managed to make the best of a bad situation.

“As a band, we were kind of lucky actually with the timing, you know,” Lindberg says. “It’s really horrible to say lucky, you know, in the same sentence as the word pandemic, but we were actually going into a writing period. So we didn’t actually miss touring that much. This kind of just gave an opportunity to go deep and create more layers, a more textured album, you know, and maybe also more progressive because of it. We had time to go back and revisit songs, like, let, let them rest for a month or two and then go back and see, is there anything more we want to do with this one? So it kind of actually gave us an opportunity to create a bigger record.”

Watch the interview with Tomas Lindberg below, where we talk about the album, who he’d like to collaborate with and ask the very important question, “Does Finland exist?”

“The Nightmare of Being” is out now via Century Media Records

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