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It’s been just over a year since Blink-182 caused an uproar by announcing that original member Tom DeLonge had rejoined the band. They released the first single for their upcoming album and embarked on a world tour a few months later.
I had the privilege of being in the pit of their Montreal show this year, and it remains one of my greatest concert experiences of all time. It was clear that the band’s strong bond as not only performers but also as friends was reinvigorated. This sentiment is just as well conveyed in their new album, “One More Time…” This project was very highly anticipated from hardcore fans of the band. It’s the first full-length album in over 10 years with Tom back in the band. Since then, Blink-182 has released two albums with Alkaline Trio’s Matt Skiba as a replacement vocalist. While I personally enjoyed a lot of tracks on those projects as well as Matt’s contribution to the band, I was just as excited as many others to hear a return to form this time around. Here are some of my brief thoughts on all the new songs, track by track:

After 22 years, we finally have another installment in this series of songs. It’s yet another anthem worthy of its name with chant-able lyrics just as its predecessors. Whatever doubts that old Blink fans would have had going into this album will be vanquished right away upon hearing this triumphant song.

Tom’s vocals sound the most like they did on their Untitled album here, with his aggressive tone in the verse. The “olé’s” in the chorus are a great addition and a switch-up from typical pop-punk ad libs, something I’m sure the audience will have the pleasure of screaming next time they play a show in Montreal.

This is the only track so far that I’m still struggling to fully get behind after repeated listens. The intro is a homage to the Cure and interpolates their classic song “Close To Me”, but the way it’s executed can come off as a little wonky and makes it sound like a children’s song. The chorus is pretty catchy, however, and will definitely appeal to a more mainstream audience.

This song’s opening riff comes in HARD and instantly brings us back to business after the previous song. I almost get “Violence” vibes from the contrast between the heavy riff and chorus compared to the verses. This song also features a breakdown reminiscent of some songs we heard on 2016’s “California.”

Every Blink album needs its slower and more emotional tunes, and this one serves as a great homage to the band’s history. Though the lyrics initially came off as a bit cheesy to me when this song first dropped, enough time has passed for them to grow on me. Its content deals with all the turmoil that the band has experienced over the last years and their healing journey. A real tearjerker for those who have kept up with their history.

Blink-182 new album 2023

This is going to go down as one of Blink’s greatest tunes to me. When this single was first released, it was the moment I realized that Blink was actually back, and I was completely sold just wanting more. Tom’s intense vocals from the bridge going into the chorus are simply amazing. The “GO!” he screams, leading right up to the chorus, scratches an itch in my brain. The breakdown is such a classic blink moment as well and reminds me of their early days.

This was a sweet song infused with nostalgia that I’m sure will translate very well to a live show. Its overall sentiment captures the youthful energy that made the trio such a dynamic group in the first place.

It’s kind of wild that this single came out an entire year before the release of the album. It’s had a lot of time to grow on me since then, and seeing it live to top it off really solidified it for me. It’s a fun track with goofy lyrics to sing along to. Even though this song is much older than the rest, I think it still manages to fit in pretty well in the context of the album.

This song starts off with a drum beat that sounds like a combination of the rim-shots from “Always” and the cymbals from “Adam’s Song.” The opening riff is very California-reminiscent as well. Another powerful chorus with a great drum breakdown from Travis. This has one of Mark’s stronger vocal performances on the album in my opinion, with some great harmonies in the outro.

This song feels to me like it could’ve been an outtake from their “Neighborhoods” album. It has The Cure influences that radiated through a lot of Blink’s discography. The synth line that follows DeLonge’s vocal melody in the chorus is great. His voice in this track has a raspiness to it that I love hearing as well. This is an amazing song to dance to.

Mark gets the spotlight on this track and delivers his most powerful vocal performance on the album. Travis Barker’s marching drum beat is reminiscent of their early song “Don’t Leave Me,” with some super tasteful pauses that create so much anticipation. This track just makes you wish you had longer hair to headbang with.

I wish this interlude could’ve been developed more. It feels like a snippet from what could’ve been a full-length emotional banger of a tune. It sounds so much like “I’m Lost Without You” from Untitled, my favourite Blink album. Minor gripe aside, it’s a great atmospheric break from the heavier riffs throughout the rest of the album.

This is another fun one with cheeky lyrics where Tom can’t figure out how to pronounce the title.

Upon first impressions of the album, this shorter song definitely serves its purpose but is one of the more forgettable ones for me. It’s not a bad song by any means; it has everything that makes a blink song enjoyable but doesn’t stand out as much as other songs on the album, especially given its placement towards the end of the tracklist.

Blink definitely delivers on the closing track. CHILDHOOD is a melancholic song that deals with a very common theme throughout this album: nostalgia. The build-up to the chorus packs a punch where Tom repeats the lines “Where did our childhood go? I wanna know” – a simple lyric, but in the context of the song with the drama of the heavy guitars and drums, it really hits emotionally.

By no means does this song give me the impression that Blink is going anywhere as a band or that this is a farewell album. They’re just getting started. To sum it up, “One More Time…” is a real treat for long-time fans, especially with Tom DeLonge back in the mix after a decade. This album packs in a mix of classic Blink-182 vibes and some fresh energy. As you listen, you’ll notice standout moments in memorable tracks that highlight the band’s enduring artistry. This album is not a farewell but a reminder that they’re sticking around with the same passion and friendship that’s made them legendary in the pop-punk world.

Rating: 8/10

Michael Anestopoulos

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