Yelawolf @ Corona Theatre – 10 November 2019

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Yelawolf in Montreal

As the November cold sets in, what better way to warm up, than with a good old southern hip hop show with Yelawolf. The Corona Theatre was full with fans waiting to witness the Slumerican do his thing.

Wild The Coyote + Badd Wolf open the evening up blending southern rock, soul, blues and hip hop. The crowd seemed to enjoy it, it was something different and welcomed.  At one point they asked if we like Johnny Cash obviously welcomed with screams they played “Johnny Cash” which I enjoyed. Definitely a combo to check out.

Underground Texas hip hop duo The Outfit, TX performed next with their brand of Southern Hip Hop. These guys are definitely talented rappers, having been the face of Dallas rap for the better part of the last ten years catching the eye of the man himself who decided to talk them along for the ride.  They put on a decent show, good flow and I’m sure we would have enjoyed it a bit more if we were not so high on anticipation for Yelawolf’s performance.

Finally, it was time for the main course and let me tell you it was very tasty!  If you have ever been to a Yelawolf concert you know you will be well treated by the Slumerican.  His shows are always a party and this one was no different. 

Usually with a band member or two but this time we only had DJ Klever spinning on the back seat of a car.  Yelawolf set was solid performing some of his staples like “Best Friend”, “Catfish Billy” and “Tennesse Love”.  A few moments stood out one being when he introduced his wife Fefe Dobson, saying he’s becoming Canadian eating poutine and wanting to play hockey and sharing a kiss with her on stage. 

One of the fun things about a Yelawolf show is his love for different types of music and playing a few verses from different songs including “Walk” from Pantera.  Let me tell ya the party was started there and it just continued with “I Just Wanna Party”, “Pop The Trunk” and new song “Opie Taylor.”

The bottom line is next time you hear Yelawolf is coming to your town, buy your tickets and get ready for a solid time.

Review & Photos – Eric Brisson

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