Vivaldi’s Four Seasons by Fever @ Notre Dame de Bon Secours

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I have seen a lot of ads on social media for candlelight concerts of classical music. I was always quite skeptical because I had never heard any reviews or comments about these shows. Vivaldi’s Four Seasons has always been one of my favourite pieces, so I decided to give it a try and share my experience with you.

The show was presented by the app Fever in part of its Candlelight series. The idea of a string quartet performing by candlelight in one of the oldest chapels in Montreal sounded like quite the romantic evening. My lovely girlfriend and I got dressed up and headed to the old port to experience this.

As we entered the chapel, it was beautiful. There were hundreds of candles lighting the church. We sat in the church pews as we waited for the concert to start. Once the lights were dimmed and the church was illuminated by candlelight only, it was breathtaking.

The quartet took a moment to introduce themselves and after a short introduction, explained the story behind the first season “Spring”. They played the piece masterfully and the acoustics were phenomenal. The quartet then moved on to the next season and again took a moment to explain the piece.

After the first two seasons, an interlude was played where a snippet of an opera piece and a South American tango were played. I was not familiar with the pieces played but they were quite lovely. The last two seasons were played and after thunderous applause, we even got an encore where they played a beautiful tango to end the evening.

I absolutely loved my evening. The music and decor were beautiful. I got to experience classical music at a very reasonable price in an unforgettable setting. I will absolutely become a repeat customer and I highly recommend this concert to everyone who loves classical music or who would like a romantic night out with their partner.

Candlelight: Les 4 Saisons de Vivaldi à la bougie - Montréal | Fever

Review – Jason Maher

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