Trentemøller + TOM and His Computer @ Corona Theatre – March 22, 2017

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My ultimate house party would be having Robert Smith of The Cure, with his atmospheric guitar, joined by some of the lads from Depeche Mode in the early days on synth, Siouxsie Sioux on vocals, Peter Hook of Joy Division/New Order on bass and Trent Reznor on keyboard, but a happy Trent that is on anti-depressants. I got my wish tonight with Trentemøller.

TOM and His Computer (a.k.a. Thomas Bertelsen) opened the show with some electronic beats. I only caught the last few songs, stranded in the lineup on this cold Wednesday night. The mood was mild, yet some were clearly ready to dance and getting warmed up for the evening ahead.

TOM & His Computer

If TOM get’s sick, let it be known that RANDAL and His Computer is available to end the tour, but be warned, I have a very detailed rider which would include a new MacBook Pro + tons of dongles.

As 9:00 PM rolled around, the PA was pumping out some interesting tunes, including a Cramps song! About 10 minutes later, the lights dim and the very Cure like “November” starts. I felt bad for the photographers in the room, as Anders Trentemøller’s light show consisted of Dark Black and Medium-Dark Black mixed with smoke, at least for the first few songs. To be quite honest, I wasn’t sure what to expect tonight, and at the beginning, I felt like I was at an early The Cure show. The next song was “One Eye Open”, again from the latest album Fixion, which was equally atmospheric and intense. Marie Fisker took care of the vocals for many songs this evening and guitar, among other instruments. Marie wrote the lyrics for “One Eye Open” inspired by Antonin Artaud, a French theatre director. Marie did remind me of Siouxie, with a lot less makeup and her voice matched perfectly the landscape of sound that Anders creates.

Anders would play with the room, elevating the mood to dance floor ecstasy, then bringing it down again with soothing sounds and lights. After a failed attempt with “River In Me”, the band restarted and the energy level followed. It’s quite refreshing to see an electronic band make mistakes, it just validates that what you are listening to is live music, and not just some dude behind a keyboard pretending to play pre-recorded electronic music. It was followed by “Miss You” which went back to that Cure-like atmosphere with lasers emanating from the stage, then going to an old Depeche Mode like beat for “Redefine”. Throughout the night, the energy, the lights and the dancing would rise and fall like a tempestuous sea.

The set ended with the very energetic “Moan” which made everyone dance, including myself… the guy that never dances!

The crowd did not get enough and a loud encore stomping ensued which got the band back on stage for two more songs. “Where the Shadows Fall” is the last track off the new album and its dreamy lullaby was effective, but our near slumber was interrupted by “Take Me Into Your Skin” from the 2006 The Last Resort album to get everyone dancing for one last song.

The lights came back on, and we all returned to reality. The bitter cold Montreal weather reminding us that whatever place we were taken to tonight was just in our imagination. We long for the warmth of Trentemøller’s musical destination and until he returns, we will listen on Spotify and iTunes and remember the adventure we all had that night.

One Eye Open
Never Fade
Shades of Marble
My Conviction
River In Me
Miss You
Still on Fire

Where the Shadows Fall
Take Me Into Your Skin

Trentemoller Montreal Setlist
Trentemoller Montreal Setlist

Review – Randal Wark
Photos – Steve Gerrard

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