Toro Y Moi + Channel Tres @ Corona Theatre – 5th November 2019

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Toro Y Moi at Montreal’s Corona Theatre

On a dark Tuesday night, the Corona attracted a mix of people, but the overall vibe of the crowd was that they came here to dance. 

Starting off quite chill, with only a handful lining up beforehand (including myself, who is used to lining up for a few hours just to see the stage), the venue only really began to fill up moments before Channel Tres began.

After talking to a few people, I found out quite a few were here to see the opening act. I expressed my guilt that I haven’t heard of him before tonight. They told me I was in for a good show, and I eagerly awaited to see why people loved him so much.

Channel Tres in Montreal

The lights dimmed and out walked 3 men. Channel, wearing only overalls and an orange beanie, and two backup dancers dressed in black. For an opening act, I was surprised he had dancers accompanying him. 

Within seconds of the beat starting, the crowd was moving to it. We felt the heavy dance bass rumble through the worn floorboards of the Corona and move through our feet and right up into our core. I was immediately brought back to Yaeji’s concert at the Corona not too long ago.  Her house music mixed with Rejjie Snow’s deep voice and raps is how I would describe Channel Tres. 

He played us songs from his self-titled EP and his newly released Black Moses EP. 

In the middle of his set, he said he had a poem for us, and proceeded to recite it. He told the crowd that he wrote a song for his brother that was doing jail time. 

Channel performed on stage like he was used to doing large stages. He walked around, interacted with the crowd and danced along with his backup.

Before playing “Controller” he got the crowd to practice saying “throw some sub in that b*tch” and compared the left, right and middle of the crowd as a competition. With the crowd prepared, when that part in the song came on, everyone helped yell out the lyrics. 

Afterwards, they sat down on the stage floor and Channel pretended to drive, with his boys in the back seat and played “Top Down”. 

Tres left the stage with the crowd still wanting to dance. 

Not to fear, Toro Y Moi is up next. 

The name coming from Spanish “toro” meaning bull and French “moi” meaning me. 

Toro Y Moi’s sound is so diverse, he travels through genre, drawing from different styles and generations of music. There’s a song for everyone. 

The set felt like a journey from one song to the next, different genres like alternative, R&B, chill, dance, indie pop, etc. The internet even has a hard time defining what Toro Y Moi sounds like because it changes from album to album. 

Already warmed up from Channel’s set, the crowd continued to dance and sing along. 

Honestly, my favourite songs were when he stepped away from the many instruments he plays, and just sang and danced. He bounced around on stage genuinely happy, feeling the music and looking like he was having as good of a time as we were. 

Chaz Bundick is a man of many names. Under the stage name Toro Y Moi, he is known for his chillwave music, and under the name Les Sins, he explores his love for dance music. After compiling songs dating back from 2009, Les Sins released an album in 2014 entitled “Michael”. 

In 2017 Chaz teamed up with the jazz duo The Mattson 2 for “Star Stuff”. 

It’s amazing to me that he’s done so much and collaborated with so many artists, even released a film where he performed for no audience in the desert. 

He has been making music since 2001 and continues to explore his creativity in many ways. 

Overall, the concert was equal amounts lively and chill. The crowd listened and danced in their own little world and applauded between songs as if they’d woken up from a pleasant dream. As the next song started, they went back into a dream state. Heads nodded with guitar and keyboard solos, while their feet tapped with every drum kick. 

Toro Y Moi played an amazing show, the crowd entirely engaged and moving the whole time. I had a great time researching the layers of Chaz’s music career and creativity and I know there will be more exciting content soon to come. 

Review – Breanna Wark
Photos – Ramy Elhoufy

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