The Australian Pink Floyd @ Bell Centre – 11th October 2019

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If you take a few minutes to reflect on many of the things you love and enjoy so much you will see that some of them are driven in the marketplace due to their nostalgic appeal and the fond memories we have of them. 

Nostalgia moves millions of dollars a year, from products that never died of several decades ago to counterfeit products, with several other products that have been revived after missing for some time due to the popular demand. Everything from candies that we ate as children, board games we played with our friends and family and even pencils that have cult-like followings, they are all kept alive by the millions of dollars our memories and feelings towards them demand.

 But this feeling is not exclusive to products, live music also has it, and I would dare say thrives on it, from one-hit wonders that still tour from time to time after decades, to other bands that have taken their place mostly due to the original ones either breaking up, not getting along anymore or time catching up to them.

Even though some of the members of Pink Floyd are still touring on their own, they don’t do it as often as fans would like them to and will only play some of the hits. That is where a group like The Australian Pink Floyd Show comes in.

With professional musicians, great custom visuals adapted with Australian motifs and a light show to remember, this band made the public gathered at the Bell Centre very happy. In the first seconds of each song, the audience clamoured in excitement for what was to come.  

I was surprised by the turnout of the event, but as I sat through the night I could see why the band from down under had attracted so many people that night. Apart from the Australian accent that peeked through some of the songs, the rest of the instruments, the vocals and the cool stage props, made it easy to enjoy the song to their fullest. 

Sure, you knew you were not at a Pink Floyd show, but that didn’t take anything out of the experience, in fact, I would say it added to the experience as you were constantly amazed at how well the band played the songs you knew by heart and the cleverness in to how they adapted the visuals and experience to the Australia we have known from pop-culture, Crocodile Dundee et al. 

The concert was especially memorable for me since I haven’t got the chance to see any of the original Floyd members that are still touring around. I thoroughly enjoyed each second of it and was taken by surprise by the quality by which the band performed and made the show enveloping with all the elements.

The future of live music will surely bring more of these kinds of acts, tributes to bands long gone and to the immersive experiences that captivated millions of fans. As more band members get older (think of Rush), many others die or some just give up, quality tribute bands are needed to raise newer generations in good music and to keep the flame alive, and a time might come when some of our grandkids will play King Crimson or Aerosmith just like Yo-Yo Ma and Mischa Maisky play music from composer long gone. 

Review – Ricardo D Flores

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