The Anti-Queens Acoustic Set @ Turbo Haüs

The Anti-Queens Acoustic Set

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The Anti-Queens deliver an intimate acoustic set at Turbo Haüs on Sept. 4, 2019

The Anti-Queens Acoustic Set
The Anti-Queens Acoustic Set

The Anti-Queens are ready to grab the Rock-n-Roll crown and rule!

“The Anti-Queens are one of our most exciting signings.” Said Matt Collyer of Stomp Records and front man of The Planet Smashers.

It’s easy to see why.  The Anti-Queens play great vintage Rock-n-Roll with a growl from Emily Bones (Lead vox/Guitar).  Backed by Valerie Knox (Lead Guitar), Dallas Conte (Drums) and Taylor Cos (Bass), they fill out the sound that will leave your neck sore from head-banging.

The band treated some of the media invitees to a 3 song semi-acoustic set.  Having never done this before, they were scared out of their minds.  They rose to the challenge and even when stripped down, the rock bubbles forth.

Excerpts from The Anti-Queens Acoustic Set

Their self-titled debut album is released into the universe on September 13, 2019.  I got a fresh copy of the vinyl, the first one to come out of the box.  “It’s the first time we see it!” they said as they signed the cover.  

They first caught my attention at Pouzza Fest Day 2 and I predicted that their festival font size would grow quickly.  

They made their first appearance on CHOM hours later and their single “Worse Than Death” was played.

Catch them live at Katacombles on September 12th, 2019 opening for The Dreadnoughts, before they start playing way bigger venues.

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