Taking Back Sunday + The Menzingers + Letlive. @ Metropolis – 14th March 2015

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Another Saturday rock night in Montreal and I won’t lie but the 15 year old inside me is super excited. Taking Back Sunday is playing along side punk rockers The Menzingers and Californian based post hardcore band Letlive., meaning it’s gonna be a crazy night.

First of all it’s my first time at Metropolis and I have to admit this venue is one of the most beautiful I’ve ever seen; and I’ve been to hundreds of places all over Europe. So if you have a chance to go there…Do It !


19h15 : Letlive. is already on stage and going hard; the venue is not packed yet but the energy is here.
Frontman Jason Butler is taking the whole stage during the set, moving, jumping and acting crazy….well no, just acting like Jason Butler .


Despite the fact he was dealing with his shirt stuck in his mic stand for at least 3 songs, it was a pleasure for the eyes to see his nice tattooed body and I know I wasn’t the only one enjoying it.
Drummer Lionel Robinson was impressive as well and it felt good to see a drummer playing that good and enjoying the show as if it was his last.

Letlive. is definitely one of the best post-hardcore band to see live for sure.


20h00: Now it’s time for The Menzingers to show us what they got. I’ve never seen them before and don’t really know them either to be fair, but from what I can see they have a lot of support over here. It didn’t take that long to see their fans sing along and take to the pit.


Even if their music is different from the other two bands, the 4 piece act gave me a really good impression with catchy and energetic punk songs. Both singers/guitarists switched songs singing after one another, which gave a good dynamism to their set. Well done punks !


21h00: Lights go down, we all start screaming but wait…it’s just the light guy that is having fun…(well done man, you got us!)

After another 15 min wait, the 5 members finally take the stage and the show starts.


The crowd gets wild immediately as the first song, “Flicker, Fade” from their last album “Happiness Is” begins.
Charismatic frontman, Adam Lazzara, knows how to charm the fans and of course did his famous microphone wrapping around his neck during the whole show.


Their setlist was a perfect mix of new songs like “Faith” or “Stood A Chance” and the old ones that everyone was expecting, such as “What It Feel Like To Be A Ghost”, “Liar” or “A Decade Under The Influence”.


After a short break the band comes back on stage to play 3 more songs. Starting with the beautiful “Call Me In The Morning” with Lazzara playing acoustic guitar while singing; and, of course, ending with their famous hits “Cute Without The E” and “Make Damn Sure”, both sang by the whole audience and with a pit full of crowd surfing kids.


After a 1h30 set, TBS finally says goodbye. It’s 22h45, I’m exhausted. I lost my voice but I had the chance to enjoy another great rock show in MTL.




Review – Ingrid Pllrn
Photos – Steve Gerrard

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