Sheenah Ko Dares All To Celebrate Life NOW with Future Is Now.

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Sheenah Ko just released the 9 song album Future Is Now.

Whereas her last album had considerable success with it’s moody sound, this latest release is infused with the energy Sheenah sees in the fight for what is right but a younger generation.

“I’ve been consistently impressed with the fights and challenges being mounted by younger generations. I really kind of feel as though they truly get it and are just so fed up with the status quo that this is how they’re going about trying to effect change.”

Sheenah’s latest single and video has a cinematic vibe that is capture by the dystopian imagery of modern life which includes technology, industry and pollution.

From her YouTube description:

WHAT IS THE FUTURE? Factories, machines, speed, development, overpopulation, overpollution, getting lost in a sea of choices, getting overwhelmed, and hopefully, eventually, finding oneself, to taking life in your own hands, giving it your all, and marching to your own beat, fierce and strong.”

Sheenah now see a contrast from the concrete jungle of the Plateau vs the natural beauty of Saguenay, Quebec, her current home.

Join Sheenah Ko and friends on June 8th, 2022 at La Sala Rossa for a crazy launch party. Tickets are $17.85 here: The Point of Sale

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