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Just before the pandemic hit, SET IT OFF played a slew of successful shows in Canada. In Toronto, the band was direct support for Sleeping With Sirens, playing a sold-out show and then headlined their own tour in Western Canada.  This year, the band continues their story by releasing a deluxe version of their 2019 album called Midnight (The Final Chapter) via Fearless Records. But new music is already being planned.

“As soon as this interview is over, I think I’m going to head over to the studio and just kind of fine-tune things,” frontman Cody Carson tells us from the “Set It Office” which also doubles as his YouTube and Twitch studio. 

“I’m going to track vocals for a couple of things. We’ve been working on that cause we knew we had time, you know, like I wanted to know when we’re working on our record that I won’t have to rush and I want to know that we can tour on it eventually. Now we’re finally getting to that point, however many months later to where it seems like that seems possible.”

Comprised of Carson (vocals), Zach DeWall (guitar) and Maxx Danziger (drums) – Set It Off have become known for creating their own original brand of pop music, infusing bold electronic elements that guide loud, driving rock instrumentations with guitar riffs as catchy as the choruses and an overall feel-good, dance-worthy vibe.

During lockdown, Cody and the band took time to reconnect with their fans online. “It’s been really, really amazing to be able to actually stream and get to know our fanbase, even on a more personal level and them to get to know us a little better. We’ve been doing a podcast as well, it’s called Talk It Off and it’s just the three of us as if you were hanging out with us on the bus like we’re just talking about nothing”

It’s been two years since the record Midnight came out and Set It Off recently wrapped up the album cycle by releasing a deluxe version called Midnight (The Final Chapter) with extra acoustic tracks. We asked Cody how he feels about Midnight now.

“It’s perfect time to ask this because we just got done doing a listening party for Midnight (The Final Chapter) where we add some acoustic songs on and we did a listening party on Spotify with some of the fans and we were really listening through and I was genuinely enjoying it. Like, I think I would have delivered that, that album the same. Like that’s still very much in line with how I see Set It Off. And I’m really proud of that album. I really am. It was a lot of fun to make it. It’s really fun to look back on.”

Watch the full interview with Cody Carson below where we ask him about his perfect show, what albums he’s listened to the most and what bands he looks up to the most.

Midnight (The Final Chapter) is out now on Fearless Records.

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